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Indigenous Fire Management Part 2 Notes and Solutionsfree18 April 2021

Student Task 11. Draw a food web using the following species and label the trophic levels / types of organisms:Wetland Meadow Plants / Shrubs and grasses / Lodgepole Pine / Burned Wood / Phytoplankton more

Indigenous Fire Management Part IIfree18 April 2021

In this activity students will practice transforming information into graphical representations, including food webs, system diagrams and flow charts. This is a good opportunity to revisit learning from... more

Indigenous Fire Management Notes11 April 2021

Here are the answers and notes for the different student tasks in Indigenous Fire Management Student Task 1Discuss the difference between a hazard reduction burn and a cultural burn?The cultural burn... more

Indigenous Fire Management - Part 111 April 2021

Indigenous societies often have a sense of intergenerational responsibility; a legacy mindset as described by Roman Krznaric in his book, The Good Ancestor, published in 2020. Practices that evolved over... more

7.2 Ocean Acidification8 April 2021

As this topic has become more prevalent in the news, more students have expressed an interest in investigating it experimentally. One student extended this topic into her Biology extended essay. For a... more

Test Written Task for ESS5 April 2021

This is our ode to David Attenborough especially for our fellow site authors. Answer the questions in the boxes provided.New written task 05/04/2021 more

Seaspiracy: Questions to support content28 March 2021

Brand new to Netflix this month is a documentary that aims to expose unsustainable fishing practices and the threat to oceanic biodiversity from human impact. The movie is long so I have divided it into... more

Seaspiracy: Answers28 March 2021

On this page you will find general answers to the questions posed on our page to accompany this incredible documentary. Some of the questions are better suited to a general open discussion so please encourage... more

4.1 Ocean Currents20 March 2021

In a past iteration of the IB Environmental Science Guide, students needed to know the different types of ocean current and in the 2010 ESS Guide there was no mention of ocean currents.Now, students should... more

Ecological Vocabulary - Answers14 March 2021

Here are the answers to the activity Reviewing Ecological Vocabulary.They can be released to students at the teacher's discretion using the student access tools. more