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Student Accessfree14 September 2019

On this page we have instructions about how to set your students up to use the ESS website and how to make the most of some of the opportunities it offers. I use the website in every lesson, using the... more

1.2 Controlled Experiments and Modelling a Systemfree14 September 2019

With a desire to introduce students to practical work as soon as possible and knowing that growing seeds is a surprising novelty, I designed this activity for the start of the year and the Practical Scheme... more

2.4 Climatographs14 September 2019

The Paper 1 Case Study usually includes a climatograph so this year I decide to have students graph data on a climatograph so that they may be better able to interpret such data. This activity was developed... more

4.2 Access to Water - Sustainability Solutions11 September 2019

This is a cool, interesting topic which students will enjoy as it is solutions focused. I wanted to reflect this thinking and provide students with a fun way of researching and remembering different ideas... more

6.4 Acid Deposition8 September 2019

Acid deposition was a major environmental problem in the 1970s and 1980s and continues to be a problem as long as fossil fuels are burned. This is one of the reasons why it is still a large part of the... more

4.2 Access to Fresh Water - the problems8 September 2019

It is important to contrast why different locations may be suffering from the challenges of access to fresh water. Freshwater is unequally distributed around the world (some areas are dry and others,... more

8.3 Microplastic Pollution8 September 2019

Microplastics are a growing concern from the simple addition of plastic beads in cosmetic products to the accumulation of plastic fibres from washing synthetic clothing such as fleeces and the plastic... more

A3 Revision Posters5 September 2019

These posters have been designed to be printed on A3 paper and should be used as part of a revision plan. As ESS has 32 subtopics sometimes students (and teachers) can struggle to know where to begin.... more

1.1 Environmental Value Systems - Reading Application1 September 2019

It is vital that teachers really try to engage students in current environmental issues whilst developing their analytical skills in relevant sections of the curriculum. The article below caught my eye... more

Guide to past paper questions for topic 41 September 2019

This is a huge topic in the course. Newer elements that might well be lacking for examples in earlier past papers include the controversial harvesting of a species, questions on aquaculture and questions... more