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1.3:Investigating predator prey modelsfree19 September 2021

Which factors affect the stability of a predator-prey population size relationship? This is an inquiry based activity that uses a computer based model from Northwestern University to simulate the relationship... more

4.3 Controversial Harvestingfree19 September 2021

With this activity, students have the opportunity to explore and discuss how the harvesting / hunting / collection of a wide variety of species may be considered controversial for a variety of reasons.... more

4.2 Water Sustainability Challenges19 September 2021

Students love parts of the course which focus on solutions, giving some hope. In this presentation and with more detail and links in 4.2 Access to Water - Sustainability Solutions, I have compiled a... more

Paper 1 example: Okavango Delta, Botswana14 September 2021

I was intrigued by following the investigation into the recent deaths of nearly 300 African elelephants in Botswana. From that one article, I have developed a new Paper 1 style paper into the wonders... more

Telling an Ecological Story12 September 2021

In a short ecological field trip it is possible to move a long way towards learning to ask questions, plan a strategy for data collection, collect the data and analyse the findings. Even if you are not... more

2.1 Predator-Prey Interactions Activity12 September 2021

Predator prey interactions between wolves and moose have been studied for several decades on Isle Royale in the US. This has become a classic case study of population dynamics. It is an isolated island... more

Predator Prey Interactions - Answers12 September 2021

Answers to Student Task1. Describe and explain the relationships between the moose and wolves between 1959 and 2009. [4 marks][max 2 marks for decription of population changes]moose population increases... more

Ecological Regulationfree5 September 2021

Population regulation is a key to understanding how ecology works. In this brilliant short film from HHMI Biointeractive, students will explore concepts of population regulation.Task Instructions more

2.1: Barnacle competition29 August 2021

Here is a great activity that is designed to help you understand more about the concept of competitive exclusion as it relates to two species of barnacles. The activity will take around 20 mins to complete more

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) from 202029 August 2021

The Theory of Knowledge CourseThe Theory of Knowledge Course provides students with an opportunity to explore and reflect on the nature of knowledge and the process of knowing. It embraces the exploration... more