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Student Accessfree17 November 2019

On this page we have instructions about how to set your students up to use the ESS website and how to make the most of some of the opportunities it offers. I use the website in every lesson, using the... more

Essay Questions Part C - what's neededfree17 November 2019

What does it take to score in the different bands of the part c essay questions. I decided to look at some real examples from my students to the question, "To what extent can the different environmental... more

6.4 Acid Deposition - A Review10 November 2019

Once the material has been reviewed, use this questions to check understanding.Download a copy of the questions here.burning of fossil fuels in transportation, industry and electricity generating plants; more

4.2 Viewpoints on Water Use10 November 2019

Reading the Siemens Green City Index (this opens a pdf document) recently I was interested to learn that the study rated different cities on water for different environmental indicators. Access to clean... more

2.3 Productivity6 November 2019

Students need to understand how energy flows through an ecosystem. A key element of this is to understand photosynthesis, respiration and how to find the productivity of a system. They should know the... more

Productivity Review Answers6 November 2019

1. photosynthesis is the conversion of carbon dioxide and water in chloroplasts to glucose and oxygen;using light energy;it occurs in plants and photosynthetic bacteria;respiration is the conversion of... more

2.3 Introducing Primary Productivity27 October 2019

I decided I wanted my students to have more of a connection with what is happening during photosynthesis. We are an MYP school and sometimes their background knowledge can be very patchy. Also, most of... more

Soil Degradation - A Review27 October 2019

Use this presentation to review the causes and problems associated with soil degradation. more

2.4 Succession24 October 2019

The image shows students studying succession post glacial retreat of the Eiger Glacier in Switzerland. Even very near the re-treating ice there are plants which have managed to colonise the newly available... more

Biotic Interactions - Answers20 October 2019

Here are the answers to 2.1 Biotic Interactions Review You can download this sheet here. more