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Getting started with an ESS extended essayfree23 May 2019

This section covers guidance to help the teacher and the student get started with an ESS EEMany teachers are apprehensive about taking on the responsibility of guiding a student through the EE. It can... more

Examination Skillsfree19 May 2019

Students can find it difficult to master good examination writing skills. This activity could be used as a starter activity to introduce some common mistakes students make when answering questions. more

7.3 Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation19 May 2019

In this sub-topic we explore what can be done to reduce the causes of climate change (mitigation) and what can be done to prepare societies to cope with the effects of climate change, managing the impacts... more

Climate Negotiations19 May 2019

On this page you will find a summary of the international approach that has been take to tackle Global Warming and Climate Change. The detail is greater than is needed now for the ESS 2017 syllabus but... more

Adaptation Strategies for Climate Changefree19 May 2019

It sometimes helps to look at specifics. I asked my students to research the adaptation strategies connected to the countries they had researched for the Impacts assignment 7.2 Impacts of Climate Change... more

Mitigation of Climate Change19 May 2019

Here is an activity to help understand the mitigation of climate change. Students should review the slide show showing different mitigation strategies then rank the strategies by cost, ease and effectiveness. more

Al Gore - the Case for optimism19 May 2019

The former US vice president Al Gore details the devastating effects of global climate change and then provides cause for hope, focusing on installations of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. more

Impacts of Climate Change - Data Analysis19 May 2019

This activity challenges students to deal with the complex data representations that are used in modern public science publications. The images are from the 5th Assessment Report from the IPCC and are... more

Causes of Climate Change - an Introduction19 May 2019

Your challenge is to make a graphical representation of the factors that contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to climate change and ocean acidification.You will need... more

Weather or Climate Review19 May 2019

Here's a simple activity to check learning on the differences between weather and climate and the contribution of ocean and atmospheric movements have on climate.Watch the presentation then answer the... more