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Improving critical thinking skills - focus on climate mitigationfree21 July 2019

The following activities seek to improve students ability to analyse and critically reflect on one climate change mitigation strategy. Paper 2 part C will test the students ability to provide counterarguments,... more

Environmental Value Systemsfree11 July 2019

It is vital that teachers really try to engage students in current environmental issues whilst developing their analytical skills in relevant sections of the curriculum. The article below caught my eye... more

8.1 Investigating Human Population Dynamicsfree8 July 2019

This is one of my favourite investigations and ESS students generally love this topic. It can involve handling a lot of data and so is good practice for using Excel and learning how to process data. It... more

2.1 / 8.1 Modelling Population Growth7 July 2019

It is important to understand how "natural" populations grow and change over time in order to make comparisons with human populations. Students need to understand what "normal" population growth is, i.e.... more

Overview: Thinking about Environmental Systems30 June 2019

This unit takes students through topics 1.1 Environmental History 1.1 Environmental Value Systems 1.2 Systems and Models 1.3 Energy and Equilibria of the course and needs about eight hours of teaching... more

Introduction to Ecosystems30 June 2019

This unit takes students through topics 2.1 Species and Populations 2.2 Communities and Ecosystems 2.3 Flows of Energy and Matter .I keep 2.4 and 2.5 for later in the year. There is a danger of "ecology... more

Human Population Demographics30 June 2019

I cover 8.1 1 An Introduction to Human Population Demographics 8.1 2 Measuring Population Demographics 8.1 3 Population Policies as a discrete unit. It's a nice short unit which students find engaging... more

Sustainability30 June 2019

This is a very brief unit introducing students to 1.4 1 Sustainability. It fits nicely with ideas of resource use that they meet in the following unit. I usually teach this unit prior to the unit on resource... more

Resource Use and Human Societies30 June 2019

This unit deals with the remainder of topic 8, 8.2 Resource Use in Society 8.3 Solid Domestic Waste 8.4 Ecological Footprints 8.4 Human Population and Carrying Capacity. Students find the concepts of... more

Society, Energy and Climate30 June 2019

In this unit we cover Topic 7: Climate change and energy production. I think it is important to complete this unit earlier in the course as it infuses almost every topic and can be used as a comparative... more