5.2 Food Intake Analysis

Analysing How Food Intake is Changing Over Time

I've made this activity using data from the UN FAO. Here is the original article. It makes interesting background reading.

You can download a copy of the activity here.

The data shown below indicates that calorie intake is predicted to rise in all regions over the next twenty years, including MEDCs though more steeply in LEDCs.

Task: Calculate the percentage increase in calories in developing countries and industrialised countries from 1964 to 2030.

Task: Calculate the percentage of the total calories that meat contributes in developing countries in 1964-1966 and is estimated to contribute in 2030. Calculate the percentage change.

Task: Investigate the costs and benefits of meat consumption to a person then answer the following questions.

1. Outline three health benefits of eating more meat.

2. Outline three health costs of eating more meat.

3. Outline three ecological costs as a consequence of a society eating more meat.

4. Explain at least one of these ecological costs.

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