Topic 3 Activities

Topic 3 Learning Activities

Here are a collection of activities for learning in topic three. Don't forget to combine these with the practical activities  Topic 3 Practical Ideas. There are also more embedded activities in the pages of Topic 3: Biodiversity and Conservation 

Topic 3.1 Activities - Introduction to Biodiversity

Here are some data sets and figures to practice data analysis of biodiversity data. Take note of some of the language that students might come across. These are not designed as exam questions and may...

Topic 3.2 Activities - Origins of Biodiversity

Are you interested in the history of the Earth? Here's a bit of fun to enhance your general knowledge. This resource was originally shared by an AP Environmental Science workshop but the author is also...

Topic 3.3 Activities - Threats to Biodiversity

Students need to be familiar with three species case studies. Although these three species need to be very well studied, exam questions may focus on one or two of the species or all three. Questions have...

Topic 3.4 Activities - Conservation of Biodiversity

Students need to be able to understand the ecological significance of keystone species. I use this activity as a great review at the end of topic 3. It pulls together concepts from topics 1, 2 and 3.

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