Topic 6 Activities

Topic 6 Learning Activities

One year, while we were due to cover Topic 6, I had to have a period of absence. My students used the material in the pages on  Topic 6: Atmospheric Systems & Societies and these activities to successfully orient themselves through the topic.

Topic 6.1 Activities - Introduction to the Atmosphere

Read the introduction to the atmosphere 6.1 The Atmosphere as a System and check your understanding with these questions.tropospherestratospheremesospherethermosphere

Topic 6.2 Activities - Stratospheric Ozone

I use this activity to help students understand the chemical processes involved in stratospheric ozone depletion. It helps them slow down and follow the process carefully, diagramming it.Although I thought...

Topic 6.3 Activities - Photochemical Smog

Check understanding using these questions.Download a copy of the questions here.Student Task:carbon dioxide;black carbon - soot;unburned hydrocarbons (chemicals with a C-H structure);

Topic 6.4 Activities - Acid Deposition

Once the material has been reviewed, use this questions to check understanding.Download a copy of the questions here.burning of fossil fuels in transportation, industry and electricity generating plants;

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