Topic 7 Activities

Topic 7 Learning Activities

These activities are all linked to topic 7 and build a useful set of student centered learning activities for the whole topic, supplemented by the practical activities in  Topic 7 Practical Ideas.

Topic 7.1 Activities - Energy Choices and Security

This is a great discussion opportunity. The video from Al Jazeera discusses a Greenpeace report on how it is possible for the world to rely upon renewable energy alone by 2050. Three energy analysts discuss...

Topic 7.2 Activities - Climate Change - Causes and Impacts

Here's a simple activity to check learning on the differences between weather and climate and the contribution of ocean and atmospheric movements have on climate.Watch the presentation then answer the...

Topic 7.3 Activities - Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation

The former US vice president Al Gore details the devastating effects of global climate change and then provides cause for hope, focusing on installations of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

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