1.5 An Introduction to Pollution

An Introduction to Pollution Activity

For this activity students access a Pinterest board which I have compiled on news stories about Pollution in general. In order to access a Pinterest board students need to sign-in. At my school all students have a Google address and so they can easily login with their school email.

Once logged in students choose one of the articles. Try to ensure that each student has a different article and that a wide variety of types of pollution are included throughout the class.

I then had students record a summary of the article on a Padlet wall (here is an example but please use your own). They should include:

Here is the 2016 wall.

An Introduction to Pollution Teaching Activity

Student Task

Login to this Pollution Pinterest Board using your google school email account.

Choose one of the articles - all students or student groups should have their own article covering a wide variety of types of pollution.

Record a summary of the article on our Padlet wall. Include the following information:

  • Summary
  • The pollutants
  • The Sources
  • The Impacts
  • Identify if Point or Non-Point Source Pollution
  • Identify if Persistent or Biodegradable
  • Identify if Acute or Chronic

You will be asked to give an oral summary  to your findings to check for understanding.

Take notes of your student colleagues oral summaries.

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