4.2 Water Sustainability Top Trumps

Water Sustainability Solutions

Students love parts of the course which focus on solutions, giving some hope. In this presentation and with more detail and links in  4.2 Access to Water - Sustainability Solutions, I have compiled a wide variety of both high tech and low tech solutions, providing advantages and disadvantages.

Students can review the information themselves and then choose 3 of the options for which they can make "Top Trump" cards using the powerpoint template.

I used to play dinosaur Top Trumps as a child. The idea is that you have the same categories for each card then you give the category for that option a score out of 10. This means that during the construction of the cards, students have some decision making about the relative advantages and disadvantages of the solutions. It's not perfect but the students like the game. Over time I have compiled a class set of cards which I can use if I need to speed up the lesson.

Water Sustainability Top Trumps

Review the information in the presentation and on the page  4.2 Access to Water - Sustainability Solutions where you can follow links to gain more information about each solution.

Choose three of these solutions - your teacher may choose to allocate these randomly.

Complete the template your teacher gives you. 

There is a powerpoint or word template.

For each solution category, give a score out of 10 where 10 is the best / winning score.

The purpose of the game is to justify your decisions, not just to win!

When you print your cards then you can play the game.

Randomly allocate someone to start.

They choose the category with which they want to compete against everyone else.

The higher the score, the card wins and all cards go to that person.

Here is the powerpoint template.

Here is the word template.

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