5.2 Thinking about Diet

Thinking About Diet

This is a great activity to engage students in the impact of consumer choice, personal decisions about diet and personal impact on the environment. Eating less meat is one of the biggest changes that an individual can make to lower their personal ecological footprint. A Guardian newspaper article summarised the research of Joseph Poore published in the Journal Science. You can read the original manuscript here

However, students can be particularly blinded by the mix of messages they see on social media or from their own communities.

It is important for students to understand the arguments and evidence for diet choices. They should remember to consider the evidence from the laws of thermodynamics and the science behind feeding on different trophic levels. Try  Impact of Feeding on Different Trophic Levels 

The activity here is to prepare an infographic but I have also successfully organised debates on this topic. In this case I allocate debating sides to avoid student bias, e.g. a vegetarian student argues for meat consumption.

Thinking About Diet

Student Activity:

Watch one TED talk and read at least one article.

Prepare a one page A4 infographic to evaluate the impact of diet choices.

 Commit to taking action through CAS

Articles on Vegetarianism

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