In this section, we explain how ESS is assessed, provide sample tests and exams and give advice on where to find more resources in the IB past papers. There are a lot of tricks to be able to adapt old past papers to the latest formats without too much effort, thereby giving authentic assessments.

I also provide advice on how to prepare students for the longer "part c" 9 mark essays and how to mark these.

Selected Pages


How is ESS Assessed? 6 April 2019

ESS has two external exam papers and an internal assessment component. Paper 1 is a Resource Booklet containing one large...

Paper 2 Section B 31 January 2021

Paper 2 Section B contains what I call the essay questions. Students eventually need to answer 2 whole questions (parts...

Paper 1 Style Assessments 2 January 2021

On this page you will find some Paper 1 style assessments. Paper 1 is marked out of 35 and will include a range of questions...

Topic 4 and 5 Test - Essay - Paper 2 Section B 12 December 2020

Topic 4 and 5 are regularly testing together to allow students to show their understanding of a wide variety of food production...

Topic 2 Test - Data and Short Essay 21 November 2020

This test is designed for subtopics 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 but as with all ESS tests, students will need to be able to show understanding...

Topic 7 Test - Resource Book 19 March 2020

I use the May 2014 Resource Booklet and Section A from Paper 2 questions. I supplement these with 3 of my own questions....

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