Topic 1.4 Activities - Sustainability

The concept of sustainability underpins the whole course. Find enriching activities to support your teaching here. 

1.4 Sustainability Introduction

This is a quick introduction to some important terminology for topic 1.4 Sustainability. Review the presentation then check your understanding with the questions.1. Identify three Sustainable Development...

1.4 Ecological Footprints - Personal Investigation

Following these simple instructions, students will calculate their own personal ecological footprint and compare it to some case studies available on the Footprint Network website. This is a great way...

1.4 Sustainability Treasure Hunt

This is a quick activity to help students make the connections between natural capital and natural income. They should refer to 1.4 Sustainability for guidance on definitions.Student Task:

1.4 Circular Economy

As the syllabus dictates, "all topics should be viewed through the lens of sustainability". There are great resources available through the Ellen Macarthur foundation. I have outlined some of them here.

1.4 Environmental Impact Assessments

Review the presentation and check your understanding with the questions.1. Identify the five stages of an EIA?Screeningscopingmitigation and report writingdecision making

1.4 Comparing EIAs

Students should review what is involved in an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and then as a class, complete the table using the links (and others they may find). You can adapt this activity to your...

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