Student Access: Graded Assignments

The following page explains what to do once you have created an assignment. In particular, this page explains the difference between the four types of assignments.

If you do not know how to create an assignment, you should first go to the following page:  Student Access: Setting Assignments / Tasks 

Types of Assignment / Task

Reading assignments require students to read and page of the site and click submit when they have finished.

Writing assignments require students to read something and then complete a written response.

Discussion assignments require students to comment in a discussion forum.

qBank quiz assignments are multiple-choice or fill-in-the-gaps quizzes.They are self-marking.

The online grade book

To see the online grade book, you go to "Groups" and then choose the class you would like to see. Once you have created an assignment, your list of students will appear as a grade book (also known as a mark book!)

In Reading assignments, students click a 'submit' button at the bottom of the page and a tick appears in the mark book. In addition to telling you that the student has finished reading the page, the mark book gives details about when the students did the work and how much time they spent on it. 

Writing assignments

To set up a writing assignment, add a new assignment and click on the "writing" tab.

Once the students have completed the assignments, this is shown in the teacher's mark book. In order to give a mark and feedback on the assignment, click on the review icon.

Once you click on "review", you will be able to give a grade as well as feedback to the student on this assignment.

Discussion assignments

Discussion assignments create a forum in which students respond both to a prompt or to one another. 

The discussions receive a check when students have participated in the discussion.  You can also give feedback to individual students. 

You will notice that in setting up the assignment, you can choose specific pages of the site for them to read in order to focus the discussion.

qBank assignments

The first step to creating an online quiz for your students is to go to the question bank by clicking on "q bank" under student access.

Once you click on qBank, you will be asked to create your first set of questions.  To do this, you will be given the option to choose the topics and types of questions you would like to include on your quiz.  When you have completed the choice of questions, you then will be asked to give the quiz a title. You will also be asked to give students some directions regarding the quiz. 

Then you should go to "Groups" and choose the class that should take the quiz.  In the group, choose "new assignment" and then click on "qBank."  You should then be able to choose the quiz that you created.

qBank assignments record the mark in the mark book when the student completes the quiz. If the student has several attempts at the quiz all the responses are recorded.

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