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This site was invaluable for me as a new IB teacher a few years ago. It gave me direction, and it gave me confidence that I was properly preparing my students for their individual orals. I am excited to explore the resources for the new curriculum!

Heidi Rice, Hickory High School, USA

This is a tremendous help! Unfortunately, I was not notified by my district that my order had been fulfilled until this past September. However, you can bet I am making good use of it now! Merci Bien!

Elizabeth Conine, Hickory High School,

I strongly recommend this website to any IB teacher. I have used it a lot in order to prepare my students for the orals. It provides a clear and step by step structure for the conduct of the examination and is full of useful tips and resources for students and teachers alike. I hope this website is going to grow and develop further.

Frederic Gibault, Modern English School, Egypt

Love the fact that things are being updated, and new resources being added from last year to this year. It helped me tremendously, as I taught IB SL & HS exam year for the first time last year, and this year I teach only SL but besides 6 other levels of IB and non IB French. It helps me ensure that I am on target with the activities I do, and gives me more variety for pictures and questions. Love it!

Astrid Augat, Spruce Creek High School, USA

Your site has been my salvation when it came to the new IA format. I keep getting most of my material from it-themes, pictures, questions... Merci.

Sonia Ramirez, Plantation High School, USA

This resource has been truly effective in helping me prepare and execute my oral exams! Merci mille fois!

Monica Jefferson, Baltimore City College, USA