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Climate Change Impacts at the Regional Scale 4 October 2018

These excellent maps provide a detailed spatial pattern of climate change impacts at the continental scale. It overlaps specific climate threats to show hotspots,with population density and megacities. more

Exploring Map Evidence to Explain the Impacts of the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami 1 October 2018

Earthquakes produce both primary and secondary hazards. Primary hazards inlcude shaking ground and collapsing buildings. Secondary hazards include landslides, fires and tsunamis. The magnitude of an... more

How maps look different when women map them 17 March 2018

Written by Sarah Holder for City Lab I thought this article was really interesting and has great application for TOK. It describes the general picture of male dominance in the world of mapping and this... more

Welcome message 8 March 2018

The following video is a short screencast tour of the site to show the resources, how they are organised and to help you navigate it. The site has been written with the geography teacher and student in... more

US Raise Tariffs on Imports 23 January 2018

BBC News - 'America First' tariffs on imports spark Asia outcry more