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Chapter 5c - Cultural Hybridityfree9 April 2021

Cultural hybridity is a process that forms new culture from two or more sets of influences. It occurs at different scales from the local to global. Indigenous Peoples have developed a blended cultural... more

Chapter 5b - Cultural Imperialismfree9 April 2021

Cultural imperialism can be defined in different ways, either focusing on the cultural power of one nation state over another or in terms of any powerful actor exerting cultural dominance over another.... more

Chapter 5d - Cultural Landscape Changes9 April 2021

Urban landscapes are increasingly homogeneous. This is driven by market forces, urban planning and transportation. Cities are increasingly dominated by tall buildings, highways, and branded franchises... more

Chapter 5a - The Global Spectrum of Culture and Diversity9 April 2021

Culture is influenced by the economic and social structure of place. Places vary in identity and demographics. Some cultures are more powerful and influential than others. US culture has massive global... more

Chapter 5e - The North African Diaspora in Europefree9 April 2021

The North African influence in Europe has a long history as well as emerging as a more recent diaspora in the 1960s. In many ways these communities create an energy and vibrancy that redefines the cultural... more

Chapter 4g - TNC Corporate Social Responsibility9 April 2021

The Rana Plaza Disaster in Bangladesh represents one of the single biggest disasters to hit Bangladesh and the outsourcing TNCs. The resulting ACCORD to improve building safety was signed by over 300... more

Chapter 6a - The Rejection of Globalized Production9 April 2021

Globalized production involves the interconnection of three industrial sectors, namely the extraction, production and design & marketing. This distribution hides invisible injustices that civil society... more

Chapter 4f - Fairtrade9 April 2021

Alternative trading networks operate within an ethical framework, although there are many different sectors the most prominent is fairtrade. Fairtrade networks connect producers in developing countries... more

Chapter 6b - Anti-immigration Movementsfree9 April 2021

Anti-immigration movements are on the rise and the factors that explain it are complex. Political parties like the Republican Party in the USA has shifted towards popularism and with this, politics emboldens... more

Chapter 6c - Government and Malitia Controls on Freedoms9 April 2021

Governments all around the world struggle with finding the balance between enabling civil liberties and over exerting restrictions. Some countries set up permanent infrastructure to intercept information... more