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The South African Football World Cup 2010free23 August 2019

This page provides a comprehensive set of resources that examine the costs and benefits of the South African Football World Cup in 2010. The case study put the spot light on a continent, often overlooked... more

Managing Traffic Congestion in Vitoria-Gasteizfree16 August 2019

This page introduces the case study of Vitoria-Gasteiz as a European award winning city for managing traffic congestion. It begins with a short introduction to the level of pollution and traffic congestion... more

Illegal Flowsfree15 August 2019

This page provides many resources to explore the flows of illegal goods. It begins by looking in more depth at the problem of illicit flows in finance, including the huge scale of illicit flows from developed... more

The Geographic Impacts of Burning Man13 August 2019

This page develops resources on the geographical impacts of the art and counter-culture festival Burning Man held annually in the Black Rock Desert. Students are first introduced to it and then use a... more

Forced Internal Migration in Nigeriafree2 August 2019

This page develops resources that look at the causes and consequences of forced internal migration in Nigeria, developing a detailed example of environmental and political push factors. Students look... more

Factors Influencing the Geography of US National Women's Basketball Leaguefree26 July 2019

This case study purposely places the spotlight on female professional sport and provides a number of detailed resources and activities that help students examine the geographical issues that influence... more

Contemporary Approaches to Reducing Food Insecurityfree18 July 2019

Lesson Time: 2-3 Hours Lesson Objectives:Teacher Notes:Starter Activity_ Photo Analysis and Gallery - Start by showing the students the gallery of images relating to contemporary approaches to reducing... more

The Diffusion of Innovationfree17 July 2019

This page provides a good introduction to the factors that influence the spread of innovation. It begins with a short gallery activity to introduce agricultural innovation. This is then extended through... more

Sample Exams - Paper 1 (Free Access)10 July 2019

This page only provides a few examples of Paper 1 exams within the site. If you would like sample papers for the other option themes you can find them under the headings of the options. At the moment... more

Plate Movementfree2 July 2019

This page provides an in-depth look at plate movement and all its known causes. It's best to start without sharing the objectives because following the map activity, the gallery activity introduces the... more