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Types of Volcano and Associated Hazardsfree15 February 2019

This page includes detailed resources on the three main types of volcano and their associated eruptions and hazards. The lesson begins with a short map activity based on the Mount St Helens eruption.... more

Food Production, Systems and Sustainability free15 February 2019

This page provides resources for two lessons based on the merits of a systems approach in comparing energy efficiency, water footprint and overall sustainability of food production. It uses a number of... more

Strategic Value of Oceans8 February 2019

This page provides a more in-depth look at the tensions and power dynamics in the South China Sea as well the continued sovereignty threats from piracy off the coast of East and West Africa. The activities... more

Ocean Management Futures8 February 2019

These learning activities cover everything in the IB guide for this topic. Lesson plans include resources to use on an interactive whiteboard and worksheets to print. The pages have full student access... more

Evaluating the Management of Ocean Pollution8 February 2019

This page provides resources for two hours of teaching and allow for students to take different pathways through the resources. They can be used in a linear way by the teacher through two lessons. Alternatively... more

The South China Sea8 February 2019

This page builds on the previous lesson in regard to tensions in the South China Sea. It provides the framework for a meaningful class debate where students represent the sovereign interests of competing... more

Biotic Resource Use8 February 2019

This page provides loads of choice in terms of resources on the trends and impacts of intensive fishing, aquaculture, whaling and sealing. It provides clear policy directions such as the Common Fishing... more

Increasing Demand for Ocean Abiotic Resources8 February 2019

This page looks at the causes and consequences of increased demand for abiotic ocean resources. It develops a umber of place examples such as the Arctic Ocean and the Norway EEZ. Students develop an understanding... more

Measuring Health7 February 2019

This page provides a number of excellent class resources for investigating the different types of health indicators. The page introduces the different types of health indicators in depth, provides you... more

Transboundary Pollution5 February 2019

Students explore the global problem of plastic waste through the great ocean garbage patches or gyres. Students begin with the interactive map showing the spatial extent of ocean plastic waste. This map... more