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Powerful Organisations and Groups 12 October 2021

This page provides and introduction to all the main global organizations. It includes video and text resources as well PDF resources and a fact find sheet. There are a number of ways the resources can... more

Introduction to Culturefree7 October 2021

This page begins with a lovely starter activity in which students make their own cultural iceberg. This is followed up with a detailed example and then students compare the cultural icebergs of the USA... more

TNCs and Social Responsibility5 October 2021

This page looks at the role of corporate social responsibility and begins with an short intro video to the Rana Plaza disaster and resulting global accord. Students then discuss what factors motivate... more

Flooding and Hydrographsfree4 October 2021

This page provides resources and activities that lead students through a series of lessons that look more closely at the relationship between the drainage basin processes and characteristics and the potential... more

Hydrology and Geomorphology28 September 2021

This page provides different resources and activities for 4 lessons focused on the central idea of how river shape the landscape. It develops the key processes of erosion, transportation and deposition... more

Population Density and Development in China and Nigeria 28 September 2021

This page develops resources and activities that focus on the population density and nature of voluntary internal migration in both China and Nigeria. It starts by students looking at simple economic... more

The Characteristics of Urban Places22 September 2021

Revision page for characteristics of urban places and urban growth including planned and spontaneous growth patterns. It develops where cities locate, how they grow, their functions and the hierarchy... more

Chapter 2e - Forced Migration and Internal Displacement in Nigeriafree14 September 2021

49 million people were internally displaced in Nigeria in 2019. Many factors lead to forced migration. Its large size makes it very difficult to govern. Many people suffer poverty in rural areas and the... more

Chapter 4a - Development Opportunities - SDGs free10 September 2021

Human Development is a multi-faceted process, made of many interconnected strands. Historical models of development have failed to address this complexity. More modern approaches seen in the Development... more

Measuring Global Interactions and the Role of USA and China 10 September 2021

This page provides resources for several lessons of teaching. It uses a variety of activities, including Google Streetview, a 9-card diamond ranking on influencing global factors and choropleth mapping... more