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Welcomefree11 June 2021

Hello and welcome to the InThinking site for IBDP Geography. I hope that you enjoy using the site and can see lots ways it can help your students succeed. As a teacher of IB Geography at the British School... more

Sample Exam Papers 11 June 2021

The following page has model papers for Paper 2 that can be used as end of unit tests and/or mock exams. They feature authentic exam material and detailed mark schemes for use in class as follow-up or... more

Gender Roles and Food and Healthfree27 May 2021

This page examines the role of gender in terms of access to health care and production and access to food. It begins by looking at what the key data on HALE and life expectancy tells us and explores why... more

Gender Roles in Food and Healthfree27 May 2021

This is a revision and study page on gender roles in food and health. It develops the problem of gender bias at the society level that impacts women in countries at different stages of development. It... more

Water7 May 2021

This page provides a fun introduction to the concept of embedded water, which begins with a rank the water content starter activity. This is followed by a more serious account of the impacts of global... more

The Atmospheric System and Climate Variation 7 May 2021

This pages provides resources exploring both the atmospheric system and the long and short term factors influencing climate variation. Resources examine the nature of the atmospheric budget and introduce... more

Pro-natal Policies 7 May 2021

This page provides class and home study resources for students to learn about government policies on efforts to boost populations. It links to the student textbook and provides a number of case study... more

Plate Movementfree29 April 2021

This page provides an in-depth look at plate movement and all its known causes. It's best to start without sharing the objectives because following the map activity, the gallery activity introduces the... more

Synoptic Essay 121 April 2021

Synoptic Essay 1 21/04/2021 more

Assessment21 April 2021

This page is a link page to assessment material that supports the course it includes guidance on how to understand and interpret the assessment criteria for the three papers, model essay and frameworks... more