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Contemporary Approaches to Reducing Food Insecurityfree23 June 2019

Lesson Time: 2-3 Hours Lesson Objectives:Teacher Notes:Starter Activity_ Photo Analysis and Gallery - Start by showing the students the gallery of images relating to contemporary approaches to reducing... more

The Diffusion of Innovationfree23 June 2019

This page provides a good introduction to the factors that influence the spread of innovation. It begins with a short gallery activity to introduce agricultural innovation. This is then extended through... more

Ocean Currentsfree23 June 2019

This pages introduces ocean currents, the mechanisms that drive them and their heat and nutrient transfers. It provides a number of well resources videos and graphics to help students discover for themselves.... more

Introduction to the Geography of Food and Healthfree21 June 2019

This page introduces the geography of food and health and contains resources to support a thought provoking introductory lesson into the theme. It sets out some key concepts and skills and develops in... more

Student Access - Setting Assignmentsfree16 June 2019

This page explains a step by step guide to setting assignments and managing the student markbook. This page is for teachers who have already set up their student access area.Assignments are tasks set... more

Introduction to Population Structure and Pyramids8 June 2019

This page provides resources that introduce population pyramids as a way for examining population structures, linked to the demographic transition model. Students are introduced to population pyramids... more

Population Change and the Demographic Transition Model4 June 2019

This page introduces the Demographic Transition Model and provides a number resources covering trends in population growth. The activities are based on graph analysis and well focused videos. The DTM... more

Population Distribution at the Global scalefree4 June 2019

This page introduces population distribution at both the global and regional scale. It looks to introduce the patterns of population distribution through a variety of maps. The activities in the lesson... more

Increasing Demand for Ocean Abiotic Resources4 June 2019

This page looks at the causes and consequences of increased demand for abiotic ocean resources. It develops a umber of place examples such as the Arctic Ocean and the Norway EEZ. Students develop an understanding... more

Sample Papers - Food and Health4 June 2019

The following page has 4 model papers that can be used as end of unit tests and/or mock exams. They feature authentic exam material and detailed mark schemes for use in class as follow-up or in teaching... more