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Sample Papers - Food and Health22 May 2019

The following page has 4 model papers that can be used as end of unit tests and/or mock exams. They feature authentic exam material and detailed mark schemes for use in class as follow-up or in teaching... more

The Importance of Physical Geography for Global Interactionsfree20 May 2019

This page provides a concise introduction to the impacts of the physical environment on global interactions. It first develops the global pattern of resource exploitation. Using a variety of maps students... more

Prevention Relative to Treatment13 May 2019

This page provides a detailed case study of the efforts by Brazilian authorities to prevent the further spread of the Zika virus. It provides an in-depth research tool into the range of geographical factors... more

Climate Changefree13 May 2019

This page develops resources and lesson activities around the theme of climate change in extreme environments. Students first begin by with mini-mystery based on craters in the Yamal Peninsula. There... more

Contemporary Approaches to Reducing Food Insecurityfree5 May 2019

Lesson Time: 2-3 Hours Lesson Objectives:Teacher Notes:Starter Activity_ Photo Analysis and Gallery - Start by showing the students the gallery of images relating to contemporary approaches to reducing... more

Sample Paper 3 - HL Core30 April 2019

The following page has 2 model papers that can be used as mock exams or for assessment. They feature authentic exam material and detailed mark schemes for use in class as follow-up or in teaching students... more

Sample Exams - Paper 1 (Free Access)29 April 2019

This page only provides a few examples of Paper 1 exams within the site. If you would like sample papers for the other option themes you can find them under the headings of the options. At the moment... more

Model Essays29 April 2019

This page includes 25 model essays from across the IBDP Geography course, including all the optional themes and SL&HL Core components. The resources are presented as either complete essays or as an essay... more

P3 HL Core Extension free29 April 2019

This is a link page to sub-pages to lesson plans with learning activities that cover everything in the IB guide for this Unit. Lesson plans include resources to use on an interactive whiteboard and worksheets... more

Urban System Growth25 April 2019

This lesson introduces students to the types of infrastructure need for sustainable urban growth. Following a starter video on the Kaiser Chiefs it develops develops a discussion around rates of urban... more