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The Role of TNCs9 March 2019

Ths page develops first the variety of TNCs involved in the expanding tourist destinations, including aviation companies, travel companies, cruise liners and hotel chains. Students examine the impact... more

Niche Tourism9 March 2019

This page provides a range of activities to examine niche tourism. It begins by introducing niche tourism through a classification activity. Students then develop an understanding of three types of niche... more

The Geographic Impacts of Burning Man9 March 2019

This page develops resources on the geographical impacts of the art and counter-culture festival Burning Man held annually in the Black Rock Desert. Students are first introduced to it and then use a... more

The Costs and Benefits of Large Scale Events9 March 2019

This page introduces the costs and benefits of large scale leisure events, based on a number of examples, including the English FA Cup Final, the carbon footprint of Olympic athletes at Rio, City Park... more

Spheres of Influence of Sport and Touristic Facilities9 March 2019

This page provides a range of examples at different scales to examine the sphere of influence of sporting and touristic facilities. It introduces a broad range of geographical concepts that will help... more

The Growth and Changing Purpose of Leisure Time9 March 2019

This page develops resources on both patterns of leisure growth and changing preferences in leisure. It uses graphics based on global regions as well as more detailed focus on American leisure activity... more

Civil Society Success for the Environment8 March 2019

This page looks in depth at the Greenpeace victory campaign that targeted the partnership between Lego and Shell and develops its clever media strategy of posters and digital videos. It goes on to look... more

Why do some eat more?8 March 2019

This page examines the patterns and causes of obesity at both the global and regional scale. It introduces them with a hexagon starter activity based on what students already know and then uses the interactive... more

Student Assessment Map 7 March 2019

This page outlines a map of assessment through the unit, including skill based questions, short writing responses and extended writing responses including essays.Global patterns in food/nutrition indicators,... more

Why do some eat less?7 March 2019

This page provides a good introduction to a broad range of factors relating to food security. It examines the environmental, demographic, political, social and economic factors that have caused areas... more