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Desertification6 December 2018

This page provides and enormous amount of activities and resources on desertification, its causes acceleration, consequences and management. It introduces the concept with a simple flow chart activity... more

4. Extreme Environment Futuresfree6 December 2018

These learning activities cover everything in the IB guide for this topic. Lesson plans include resources to use on an interactive whiteboard and worksheets to print. The pages have full student access... more

Sample Paper 1 - Urban Environmentsfree2 December 2018

The following page has 4 model papers that can be used as end of unit tests and/or mock exams. They feature authentic exam material and detailed mark schemes for use in class as follow-up or in teaching... more

Student Responses and Feedbackfree1 December 2018

This page is a link page to the sub-topics of Paper 2 - Geographic Perspectives and Global Change. It includes close to 200 written and graded responses, covering all aspects of the SL/HL Core. The responses... more

2.3.3 Student Feedback and Responses1 December 2018

This page runs through example exam questions, model exam responses and exam responses graded against the assessment guidance. It includes downloadable student responses and assessment guidance for Population... more

An Aging Crisis in China30 November 2018

This page provides resources on the growing problem of a rapidly aging society in China. It begins with resources that set the context at the national scale and then starts to delve deeper at local scale... more

Anti-Migration Movements30 November 2018

This page provides a short introduction to the rise of anti-immigration movements. It begins with students outlining the arguments and reasons behind the growing trend of anti-immigration movements through... more

The Changing Distribution of Extreme Environments29 November 2018

This page explores the changing physical environment of glacial environments, including mountain regions and the Arctic. As well as desert environments focusing on North Africa and the Kalahari Desert.... more

TNCs and Social Responsibility28 November 2018

This page looks at the role of corporate social responsibility and begins with an short intro video to the Rana Plaza disaster and resulting global accord. Students then discuss what factors motivate... more

Resource Stewardship and the Circular Economy free25 November 2018

This page develops resources that first look at a more balanced focus on resource stewardship. It starts by exploring indigenous economy and the fundamental role of resource stewardship. Students then... more