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TOK in Geographyfree2 September 2018

This page provides and introduction to TOK and how it relates to Geography. It sets out Geography's place in both the Natural Sciences and Human Sciences and then relates the types of knowledge and ways... more

Extended Essay - Requirements and Full Guide1 September 2018

This page sets out the main requirement of the Extended Essay since 2018. It includes links the IB assessment page and student speak interpretations of the generic extended essay guide set out alongside... more

IA - Student Guidefree28 August 2018

This pages provides the assessment criteria and a step by step student guideline for students to use whilst writing their internal assessment. The guideline contains a useful checklist for students that... more

IA - Teacher Support - Data Presentationfree28 August 2018

This pages provides a step by step guideline for teachers to use in the classroom in preparing the students for their internal assessment. The guideline contains a useful checklist for the students as... more

Disruptive Technologies28 August 2018

This page begins with a photo activity leading to a student definition of disruptive technologies. They then look at the application of drones in the economy in terms of positives but also a threat to... more

Teacher Assessment Map 22 August 2018

This page outlines a map of assessment through the unit, including skill based questions, short writing responses and extended writing responses including essays. It includes planning frames, essay guides,... more

Eco-city Design and Urban Ecological Footprint20 August 2018

This page introduces students to the urban planning approach of eco-city design as well as urban ecological footprint. It uses a number of focused resources to enable students to consider the meaning... more

Managing Urban Social Deprivation20 August 2018

This page introduces social deprivation through a small gallery and then students examine the causes through the cycle of deprivation and inter-generational causes. There is a worksheet that then focuses... more

Contested Land Use Changes20 August 2018

This pages introduces two case studies, both involving slum clearance. Students first develop their own thinking on competing interest groups based on a gallery of urban images. They then explore these... more

Managing Traffic Congestion in Vitoria-Gasteiz20 August 2018

This page introduces the case study of Vitoria-Gasteiz as a European award winning city for managing traffic congestion. It begins with a short introduction to the level of pollution and traffic congestion... more