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Globalization and Renewed Geopolitical Tensions10 March 2018

This page provides resources on two key examples of rising nationalism as a consequence of globalization. It develops the rise of Islamism as a totalitarian ideology and movement as well as the increasing... more

Civil Society and International Mindedness10 March 2018

This page develops resources on international mindedness and how civil society groups work to improve global interactions. The starter activities begin with a look at the IB and its interpretation of... more

National Controls on Trade10 March 2018

This page introduces examples of protectionism and examines which countries are the biggest protectionists. It then looks at the emerging 'America First' policy and the implication for US business of... more

National Controls to Restrict Global Participation10 March 2018

This page develops a number of resources that enable students to explore the ways some governments and militia groups restrict the personal freedoms of their citizens to participate in global interactions.... more

Diaspora and their Influence on Cultural Diversityfree10 March 2018

This page firstly looks at the global trend in diaspora through a number of maps and graphics. Students are introduced to some well known diasporas and they recap the cultural influence of Chinese through... more

Introduction to Culturefree10 March 2018

This page begins with a lovely starter activity in which students make their own cultural iceberg. This is followed up with a detailed example and then students compare the cultural icebergs of the USA... more

Fair Trade10 March 2018

This page provides focused resources on Fairtrade. It begins with a graphic worksheet based on a Fairtrade International Video. Students then collate the numbers using a series of embedded interactive... more

The Importance of Physical Geography for Global Interactions10 March 2018

This page provides a concise introduction to the impacts of the physical environment on global interactions. It first develops the global pattern of resource exploitation. Using a variety of maps students... more

'The Global Village'10 March 2018

This page provides a number of student centred resources that enable them to explore the level of global connectivity in the world. It introduces the topic through a gallery of the latest disruptive technologies.... more

Economic Migration Rules and Controls10 March 2018

This page introduces different types of migration and then develops a number of resources that examine the global patterns of economic migration at different scales. It goes on to look in-depth at some... more