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Multigovernmental Organisations (MGOs) influence on Global Interationsfree10 March 2018

This page introduces Multigovernmental Organisations with a fun map and logo starter. The page then provides a broad range of activities based on the relevance and role for economic integration in different... more

FDI and Outsourcing - Two contrasting TNC Global Strategies10 March 2018

Apple Inc. is the dominant technology company with a successful global outsourcing strategy. AB InBev is a leading beer and beverages company with an FDI strategy of mergers and acquisitions. Both have... more

The UN Sustainable Development Goals10 March 2018

This page introduces the role of the SDGs. It begins with a simple slideshow to test students' current knowledge, before introducing the role of the goals through a SDG website text comprehension and... more

Divergent Views on Resource Consumption10 March 2018

This page revisits some earlier concepts such as carrying capacity, overshoot and optimum population. It begins with a starter activity looking at economic growth factors and production rates with selected... more

Climate Change and Contrasting Resource Securityfree10 March 2018

This pages recaps the impacts of climate change on water, food and energy security through a supported mind map activity before looking in more depth through an IPCC infographic card sort question and... more

Energy Availability and Consumption10 March 2018

This page uses a number of different graphs, maps and infographics to help students to explore the trends in energy production and consumption. It begins with a starter activity on peak oil and then looks... more

Land and Food Availability and Consumption10 March 2018

This page introduces global patterns of food and land availability as well as consumption through a number of well chosen graphics and maps. Students follow a number of skill based questions to identify... more

Water10 March 2018

This page provides a fun introduction to the concept of embedded water, which begins with a rank the water content starter activity. This is followed by a more serious account of the impacts of global... more

Technology and Geo-engineering10 March 2018

This page provides an introduction to the role of technology in mitigation and adaptation. It begins with a structured mind mapping activity before going on to look at some specific emerging technologies... more

Climate Change Vulnerability Resources 10 March 2018

This page provides detailed case studies of different societies with contrasting levels of vulnerability to climate change. It provides material for students to explore as part of their own investigation... more