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Vector Borne Disease and Water Borne Disease10 March 2018

This page includes two lessons on vector borne and water borne diseases. It examines the zika virus spread in Brazil as well as the cholera outbreak that followed the Haitian earthquake in 2010. A number... more

Diffusion of Disease10 March 2018

Students are introduced to the theory of disease spread. Through visual resources, a variety of maps and videos students are provided with the knowledge to explain how the geographic concepts of diffusion... more

Life Expectancy as an Indicator for Health10 March 2018

This page provides class resources to introduce the topic of health in the world. It presents a positive overview of the current situation regarding life expectancy. Students investigate the current world... more

The Nutrition Transitionfree10 March 2018

The following page uses a number of resources including worksheets adapted from Popkin's model to explore how the nutrition transition varies from region to region. It then begins to critique the model... more

Global Patterns in Food/Nutrition10 March 2018

This pages introduces global patterns of food and nutrition. It defines key concepts and measurements. Students explore the patterns within a number of interactive contemporary maps based around the issues... more

Introduction to the Geography of Food and Healthfree10 March 2018

This page introduces the geography of food and health and contains resources to support a thought provoking introductory lesson into the theme. It sets out some key concepts and skills and develops in... more

Post-event Management10 March 2018

This page provides resources on the post-event strategies for hazard management. It begins with a card sort on different types of responses and students sort them into a time-frame for post event management.... more

Pre-event Management Strategies10 March 2018

Enquiry QuestionHow can authoritiess manage geophysical hazards prior to the event?Lesson Time: 2 HoursLesson Objectives:Teacher Notes:Starter - Stabilizing Slopes - Use the quirky simulation of slope... more

Geophysical Hazard Adaptation10 March 2018

This page has a large amount of resources looking at ways places can adapt to geophysical hazards. It begins with students looking at a number of hazard risk maps and student examine how authorities can... more

Trends in Geophysical Hazards10 March 2018

This page uses a variety of graphics and maps to explore the trends in geophysical hazards before looking at the challenges of prediction and forecasting of hazards. A gallery of resources and resource... more