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Flood Mitigation28 December 2018

This page provides an array of resources that enable students to investigate the pros and cons of different management strategies, including both hard and soft engineering approaches. It is centered... more

Cities, Risks and Resilience28 December 2018

This page introduces students to the types of risks that cities face as well as the concept of resilient cities. It uses a number of maps, galleries and videos as well active reading activities to help... more

Factors Influencing the Geography of US National Women's Basketball Leaguefree28 December 2018

This case study purposely places the spotlight on female professional sport and provides a number of detailed resources and activities that help students examine the geographical issues that influence... more

Factors Influencing Tourism Hotspots28 December 2018

This page develops resources on issues influencing the growth of tourism hotspots both in urban and rural settings. It begins with a short activity exploring what attracts tourists to some well known... more

Interactions Between Oceans and Coast Placesfree22 December 2018

These learning activities cover everything in the IB guide for this topic. Lesson plans include resources to use on an interactive whiteboard and worksheets to print. The pages have full student access... more

Waves and Tides22 December 2018

This page introduces the important role of waves and tides. It first develops the processes that form waves as well as their characteristics, including the concept of fetch. It then develop through a... more

Landforms of Erosionfree22 December 2018

This page develops a number of activities, including photograph analysis, animations, diagrams to have students investigate wave action and the resulting landforms. Students look in detail at cliffs and... more

Assessment Map 20 December 2018

This page outlines a map of assessment through the unit, including skill based questions, short writing responses and extended writing responses including essays. In addition, there are model responses... more

Characteristics of Urban Places20 December 2018

This page provides resources and lesson activities on the characteristics of urban places. It uses a varity of place locations, including the Nile Delta, south England and Marindique in the Philippines... more

Earthquakes and Associated Hazards19 December 2018

This page provides resources that describe and explain the characteristics and causes of earthquakes and develops the associated primary and secondary hazards. Students are first introduced to the nature... more