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Ocean Currentsfree10 March 2019

This pages introduces ocean currents, the mechanisms that drive them and their heat and nutrient transfers. It provides a number of well resources videos and graphics to help students discover for themselves.... more

Managing Tourism and Sport for the Futurefree9 March 2019

These learning activities cover everything in the IB guide for this topic. Lesson plans include resources to use on an interactive whiteboard and worksheets to print. The pages have full student access... more

Tourism in the Future9 March 2019

This pages examines factors influencing future international tourism. It covers 2 lessons of teaching on how social media is playing increasing role in the organization and experiences of tourism activities.... more

Consequences of Unsustainable Tourism9 March 2019

This page examines the characteristics and impacts of unsustainable tourism on rural and urban hotspots. It focuses on an in-depth example in Iceland, looking at first at the national scale and then focusing... more

Sustainable Tourism in Madagascar9 March 2019

This page introduced an in-depth case study of sustainable tourism in Madagascar. It deals with both the challenge of developing tourism sustainably with its broad definition as well as tokenism problems... more

Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism9 March 2019

This page first asks students to explore the meaning of sustainable tourism as well as its challenges to define. Student can then work with an series of examples and they graph its sustainability based... more

The South African Football World Cup 2010free9 March 2019

This page provides a comprehensive set of resources that examine the costs and benefits of the South African Football World Cup in 2010. The case study put the spot light on a continent, often overlooked... more

International Sporting Eventsfree9 March 2019

This page introduces the political, economic cultural factors that affect the hosting of major international events. It examines it from two perspectives. Firstly how countries are chosen to host and... more

Tourism as a National Development Strategy9 March 2019

This page introduces the reasons why and the ways governments can develop tourism as an international strategy. It first uses a number of maps and graphics to examine global and national patterns in relation... more

TNCs and the Costs and Benefits for Different Stakeholders9 March 2019

This page examines the costs and benefits of TNCs on different stakeholders. It begins by asking students to examine the interests of different stakeholders. It then develops detailed content through... more