Consumption of Resources


This page sets out resources that focus student's attention on rates of resource consumption. It introduces key vocabulary and concepts and uses the cartoons of Steve cuts to introduce the subject. Through a variety of different graphics, students look at the extent of resource depletion and then students can explore ecological footprint as a tool by measuring their own footprints. The page then goes on to look at the increasing rate of consumption as well focusing on the causes of this consumption through a 9-card diamond ranking exercise. There are multiple worksheets to support the students on this page.

Enquiry Question

Why is one planet not enough?

Lesson Time: 1 Hour

Lesson Objectives

  • To describe the rates of resource consumption in the world
  • To explain the reasons for such high rates of consumption
  • To understand the concept of limitations and carrying capacity

Teacher Notes:

1.  Starter_Cartoon Interpretation_Synthesis_Students can then watch the collage of Steve Cuts cartoons and annotate the cartoons on their worksheet as they watch the slideshow.

Introduce the students to the terms carrying capacity and overshoot and students should answer the questions based on the carrying capacity graph

2. Graph Analysis_Synthesis_Students can begin the lesson by investigating the graph showing the ecological footprint. Students can suggest ideas on what the graph tells us

3. Graph Analysis_The Global Resource Stock Take_Processes_Then handout the BBC global resource stock take and students should pick out 5 resource concerns and discuss what the graphic does not include

4. TOK Thinking_Extend the discussion by asking them to read the source material for the graphic and then discuss its limitations

5. Listening Comprehension_History of Fossil Fuels_Processes_Watch the video on 300 years of fossil fuels in 300 seconds but you can stop at 3.38mins. Students should write down the trigger events for increased consumption as well as the problems

6. Classifying Causes_Causes of Resource Consumption_Processes and Synthesis_Students should focus ranking the images which represent different factors that explain increased resource consumption. Students first make a 9-card diamond ranking and then glue them down and annotate them to justify their ranking.

Starter Activity_Synthesis_Interpreting Steve Cuts Cartoons

Watch the slideshow of Steve Cuts cartoons and annotate your worksheet with your own interpretation of each cartoon

Steve Cuts Cartoons

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