Teacher Assessment Map

Assessment Map for Global Resource Consumption and Security

This page outlines a map of assessment through the unit, including skill based questions, short writing responses and extended writing responses including essays. The page includes, model essay guides, planning frames, timed essay sheets and model essays

Global Resource Consumption and Security


Global and regional/continental progress towards poverty reduction, including the growth of the “new global middle class”

Measuring trends in resource consumption, including individual, national and global ecological footprints

Essay Question

Discuss the pattern of change in global wealth, including reduction in poverty and the 'new middle class'. (10)

10 Mark Essay Guide

Model Essay with Activity

An overview of global patterns and trends in the availability and consumption of water, including embedded water in food and manufactured goods

Water Infographic Questions - Students should complete the questions based on the infographic

Department Display on water consumption and embedded water.

An overview of global patterns and trends in the availability and consumption of land/food, including changing diets in middle-income countries

Graph Analysis - Model Exam question on available land for farming

Infographic - Changing Middle Income Country Diets -  Students make an infographic of changing diets using screen shots and text. Their infographic should include a variety of questions including evaluative questions.

An overview of global patterns and trends in the availability and consumption of energy, including the relative and changing importance of hydrocarbons, nuclear power, renewables, new sources of modern energyStudents should complete the activities in the lesson page only                         

Impacts of Changing Trends in Resource Consumption


The water–food–energy “nexus” and how its complex interactions affect:

  • national water security, including access to safe water
  • national food security, including food availability
  • national energy security, including energy pathways and geopolitical issues

Essay Question

Discuss the challenges relating to the application of the water, food and energy nexus in regard to resource security at different scales. (10)

10 Mark Essay Guide

Model Essay - with Activity

The implications of global climate change for the water–food–energy nexus

  • Detailed examples of two countries with contrasting levels of resource security

Essay Question

Compare and contrast the levels of resource security in two countries (10)

10 Mark Essay Guide

Model Essay - with Activity

The disposal and recycling of consumer items, including international flows of waste                                                        Complete the activities ain the lesson page only

Resource Stewardship


Divergent thinking about population and resource consumption trends:                                                          

  • pessimistic views, including neo-Malthusian views
  • optimistic views, including Boserup       

Student Debate - Students should research and prepare for a debate. Working with a partner or group they need to represent the views of one of the following theorists.

  • Malthus
  • Boserup
  • Club of Rome
  • Julian Simon

Their research should include:

  • Contemporary ideas, theories and issues that support their theorist
  • Contemporary examples and cases studies that illustrate theorist theorist

Resource stewardship strategies, including:

The value of the circular economy as a systems approach for effective cycling of materials and energy

Student Research - Fact sheet - Students should research and produce a fact sheet on the circular economy in practice

In their fact sheet they should explain the principles of the circular economy (this could be visual) and how it can be applied as a systems approach.

Develop three specific examples of circular economy in

  1. Appliances
  2. Recycling
  3. Energy
The role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and progress made toward meeting them

Student Research - Progress in the SDGs - Students should conduct independent research into the progress made in achieving the SDGs.  Students should include in their report :

  1. Progress made on 3 goals excluding Climate Action
  2. For each goal compare at least two regions
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