The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect and Spatial Variation


This page introduces the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect and anthropogenic causes of climate change. It uses a number of focused videos and worksheets activities to allow students to explore the key concepts. It then develops a student investigation and report based on the visually stunning carbon map resource.

Enquiry Question

Who is most responsible for the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect?

Lesson Time: 1 Hour

Lesson Objectives:

  • To describe the enhanced greenhouse effect
  • To describe and explain the spatial variation in greenhouse gas sources and emissions

Teacher Notes:

Starter - The Hockey Stick Graph - Video Comprehension - Start by recapping the hockey stick graph and students can make notes conclusion the scientist makes regarding the causes of climate change.

1. Diagram annotation_Processes_Students can then study the diagram comparing GHE with Enhanced GHE and they can annotate it to explain the difference

2. Gap fill activity_Processes - Students can then spend some time exploring the main anthropogenic causes of climate change. They can complete the gap fill activity on the worksheet provided

The remainder of the lesson notes can be found on the linked page

Student Activity_Processes_Explaining the Hockey Stick Graph

Watch the David Attenborough clip and make notes on the conclusions made from the scientists explanation of the hockey stick graph

Student Activity_Processes_Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

The enhanced greenhouse effect is the impact on the climate from the additional heat retained due to the increased amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that humans have released into the Earth’s atmosphere since the industrial revolution

Look at the diagram below and spot the difference to to add annotation to the diagram to explain the human Enhanced Greenhouse Effect.

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