Measuring Global Interactions and the Role of USA and China


This page provides resources for several lessons of teaching. It uses a variety of activities, including Google Streetview, a 9-card diamond ranking on influencing global factors and choropleth mapping the 2016 KOF data, using Google Drive. It uses a  variety of resources including an OECD video, data sets and infographics to explore the merits of three different measures of globalization, before going on to to look at detailed case study resources comparing the global superpower characteristics of China and USA and investigating their economic, geopolitical and cultural impact.

Enquiry Question

What factors make global superpowers?

Lesson Time: 2-3 Hours

Lesson Objectives:

  • How does globalisation exist at a range of scales?
  • How do we measure the globalisation of countries?
  • What factors make the USA and China global superpowers?
  • Comparing the economic, geopolitical and cultural impact of USA and China

Teacher Notes:

Starter- How Globlalized is our city? Using google streetview student can compare the level of globalization in three different cities and one in their own town

1 Follow this up with a discussion on what factors make a globalized place

2 Card Diamond Ranking - Then students can complete a 9-card diamond ranking of globalizing factors. This can be annotated on the worksheet to justify

3 The KOF Index - students can then read the the text on the KOF Index and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. This can be followed up with the video explaining the index

The remainder of the lesson notes can be found in the linked page here

Starter Activity_How Globalized is your city?_Places, Scale and Spatial Interactions

1. Use the following images of three commercial area of cities. What characteristics of globalization are present?

  1. Place One - Rue Neuve, Brussels
  2. Place Two - Times Square, New York
  3. Place three - Dharavi, Mumbai
  4. A place in your own home town

Student Activity_ What Factors Mean a Place is Globalized? _Processes and Spatial Interactions

Discuss in pairs and then share with the class ideas that you think makes a place globalized.

Consider the following:

  1. Economic Factors
  2. Political Factors
  3. Social Factors
  4. Environmental Factors

Student Activity_ 9 Card Diamond Ranking_ Processes and Synoptic Thinking

Rank the following characteristics of globalization in order of importance in a 9-card diamond ranking.

  1. Flows of trade
  2. Flows of foreign direct investment (FDI) and portfolio investment
  3. Level of barriers to trade and flows
  4. International telephone traffic
  5. Tourism both to and from a place
  6. Size of foreign population
  7. Information flows (Internet users, television ownership, trade in newspapers)
  8. The number of embassies
  9. Membership of international organizations

Characteristics of Globalisation

To access the resources and activities for this part of the course, approximately 2-3 lessons click here

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