Empowering Women


This page provides a large number of activities to explore the issue of gender inequality and empowerment of women. It begins with a thought provoking discussion based on the UN choice for Ambassador for women  Wonder Woman, before looking in more depth at the face of gender inequality through a series of UN posters. This is followed up by a multiple choice quiz. Students then look at the characteristics and steps required for a country to achieve women empowerment through a number of informative resources before revisiting the UN Ambassador role through some personal (real life) stories. Students then make use of the video library of empowerment success stories to build examples at a range of scales.

Enquiry Question

What does empowering of women mean and how is it demonstrated in a country?

Lesson Time: 1 Hour

Lesson Objectives:

  • To understand and explain the process of empowering women
  • To evidence examples of women empowerment at a range of scales

Teacher Notes:

Starter - Wonder Woman- Ambassador for Women to the UN - Students should discuss the UN's decision first to appoint Wonder Woman and then secondly to retire her.

1. Gallery of Gender Inequality Posters - Run through the gallery and students should make notes of the aspects of gender inequality that they find most important.

This can be quickly tested with the multiple choice questions in drop down box

2. Achieving Women's Empowerment - Students should work with the 9-card diamond ranking and sort them into order of importance. Once done ask them them sort them into a linear chronology, sequenced in terms of development

3. Amina Mohammed - Watch the Amina Mohammed video explaining how the UN hopes to achieve gender equality

4. Ambassadors for Women - Students can either watch the gallery of personal stories or they can be placed around the class as a learning walk. Student should make notes on why these women should be considered as Ambassadors for Women by the UN

5. The Importance of Women for Development - Students can then watch the video on the importance of women in development work

6. Video Library - Students should then make notes on the different examples of success stories of gender equality

Starter Activity_Wonder Woman - Ambassador for Women?_Processes and Power

Discuss the decision of the UN to firstly, choose Wonder Woman as an ambassador for women and then secondly retire her

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