Modern Threats


This page addresses the Modern threat of cybercrime and personal surveillance. It begins with a look at the spatial patterns of the fantastic real-time Norse map of cyber attacks, before using an infographic  on the types of cyber attacks. Students then look in more depth at the 2017 ransomware attack that affected the NHS in the UK among many other organizations. Students explore the threat to individuals through a number of other infographics and a gallery of well chosen graphs, before looking at the potential for mis-use and the infringement on people's personal freedom.

Enquiry Question

What is the threat to individuals and businesses from hacking and identity theft? What are implications of surveillance for personal freedoms?

Lesson Time: 1 Hour

Lesson Objectives:

  • To describe the spatial pattern and different types of cyber threats, including hacking and identity fraud
  • To assess the level of threat to individuals and businesses and to discuss the implications for personal freedoms

Teacher Notes:

Starter - The Norse Map - Students can describe the real time pattern of global and regional cyber attacks

1. Cyber Attack Infographic - Students can then identify the different types of cyber attack from the infographic

2. Ransomware Attack 2017 - Students can watch the video on the ransomware attack of 2017 that affected the British NHS and answer the question relating to how it works and how it threatens individual and businesses

The map shows the global scale of the attack

3. Ransomware Infographic - Students can then identify the risks to individuals using the second infographic

4. Graph Gallery - Students should then follow the graph gallery and for each graph identify the data trend and the threat to individuals

5. Infringing Personal Freedoms - Students can watch the two videos and and answer the questions on how technology is being used to track people's data and how this may infringe on people's privacy and pose threats such as misuse.

This can be followed up  by the clip form the fantastic episode of Black Mirror, Nosedive

Starter Activity_Norse Cyber Attacks Map_ Processes and Spatial Interactions

Click on the map below and investigate the map to:

  1. Describe the pattern of cyber attacks
  2. Look at the following site, which as the top 10 computer hacks of all time

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