Risks to the Global Supply Chain


This page provides resources on a full variety of risks to global supply-chain flows. Student begin by trying to identify these risks themselves. It develops a number of key worksheets and video resources which look at specific risks in more depth. Japan is developed as a more detailed place example and then students research examples of their own real supply-chain risks based on a mind map. This exercise is aimed at synoptic links from across the course.

Enquiry Question

What are the political, economic and physical risks to global supply chain flows?

Lesson Time: 1 Hour

Lesson Objectives:

  • To describe the different types of risk to global supply chain flows
  • To assess the importance of different risks to global supply chain flows

Teacher Notes:

Starter - Risks to the Global Supply Chain - Students should attempt to identify potential risks to the global supply chain based on the table provided in the worksheet

The completed table can be shown later form the drop-down box

1. Types of Risk - Students should watch the explanation of types of risk to the global supply chain and students should and the questions on their worksheet

2. Japan's Global Risk - Students can then read the article on Japan's global risk and identify from the text different exposures to risk demonstrated in the 2010 earthquake

3. Mind Mapping Global Risks - Students should attempt to make a mind map of global risks to the supply chain. This mind map should be synoptic and draw on examples from across the entire course

Starter Activity_Risks to the Global Supply-chain_Processes and Spatial Interactions

Complete the following diagram with possible risks to the global supply-chain

Risks to the Global Supply-chain

Check your answer with the diagram in the hidden box

Discuss what you consider to be the biggest threats according to the diagram

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