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Freshwater - Key Vocabulary

Quiz to test knowledge of key vocabulary

Drainage Basin  Freshwater  Hydrological Cycle  Watershed  Discharge  Physical Water Scarcity  Economic Water Scarcity  Storm Hydrograph  Flood  

The     is the area drained by a river and it tributaries

    includes rivers, lakes, wetlands, groundwater, glaciers and ice caps

    is a conceptual model that describes the storage and movement of water between the biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and the hydrosphere

   also known as the drainage divide, this is the imaginary line defining the boundary of a river or stream drainage basin separating it from the adjacent basin(s)

    is the volume of water passing a given point over a set time and measured in cumecs

    is the lack of available water where water resource development is approaching or has exceeded unsustainable levels; it relates availability to demand and implies that arid areas are not necessarily water scarce

    Lack of water where water is available locally, but not accessible for human, institutional or financial capital reasons

The  is a way of showing how a river changes over a short period, such as a day or a couple of days

A    occurs when discharge is great enough to cause a body of water to overflow its channel and submerge surrounding land


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