Extreme Environment - Key Vocabulary

Extreme Environment -Key Vocabulary Quiz

Test your knowledge of the key vocabulary and terms in the extreme environment theme

Sustainability  Arid areas  Infertility  Periglacial  Permafrost  Weathering  Erosion  Indigenous people  Resource nationalism  Desertification  Aridification  Discontinuous  Environmentally frienfly  Plucking  Freeze-thaw 

    refers to social economic and environmental use of resources in a way that allows future generations to maintain their standard living

    receive less than 250mm per year whereas semi arid areas receive between 250mm and 500mm per year

    refers to a lack of nutrients or bases for soils, caused by low weathering rates, a lack of biomass: insufficient nutrients to support arable farming

    is snow and ice cover on the fringe of glaciated areas; usually associated with permafrost or ground that remains frozen for at least two years.

    is permanently frozen subsurface. It must have been frozen for at least two years

    is the breaking down of rock in situ and can be divided in physical and chemical

    is the breaking down of rock by moving force such as a glacier

    refers to slow degradation of soil to become desert-like conditions

    are people native to an area and who have lived there for many generations

    is when country take full control of the extraction and production of resources rather than allowing a TNC to benefit



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