Planning my Lesson for tomorrow - distance learning

Planning my distant learning lesson for tomorrow using the site

In this page I attempt to explain how to successfully use the site to enable your students to distant learn. It includes a tutorial video of my thought process going into my next lesson for year 12 on disease diffusion. It also includes links to relevant pages to help set up students learning and an example of a student tutorial for them to watch once they've completed the activities.

Distance Learning

We are facing uncertain times and this inevitably has a major impact on our student learning and upcoming examinations. Many of us are entrenched now in distant learning. It's important for all of us and the well being of our students to maintain a culture of continuous learning and so how can InThinking serve this purpose and how can you and your students get the best out of the site.

Did you know that free, with your subscription comes complete student access. This will enable your students to work their way through the learning activities from home. This will bring many advantages. The resources are very thorough with no gaps in content. Student simply work their way through a lesson online. This frees up your time as a teacher focus on preparing the important takeaways from each lesson as well as to participate in online lessons through other school communication such as Teams or Zoom.

Getting started with Student Access

Setting up  Student Access  

Setting Assignments

The following video guides you through my thought process in preparing my next IB lesson

My thoughts on how to get the best out of the site for distance learning in my next lesson

The Diffusion of Innovation 

School Approaches

Schools are organising different systems for distant learning. Some are trying to follow their normal timetable of lessons while others are using a dropped down timetable. My own school has adopted a phased approach using Moodle and Teams as the main means of online teaching. We have converted the 6 lesson day into a 6 20 minute online lessons that run in the morning only. These shorter sessions are aimed at touching base with students, giving them social contact with each other, allowing them time to ask questions and then setting up upcoming lessons.

Key takeaways from this lesson

Unfortunately we can't assume that our students will complete or understand all the activities we set. In fact we can assume that this will not be the case for a group of them. Insuring our students have the most important points from a lesson is therefore crucial. The key takeaways from a lesson can be typed out for them as summary cards. they can then be placed either with the task on your school learning platform. Online lesson could be used be used for this purpose, Teams for example records the video call and stores it for them to watch later. I have prepared this video tutorial that runs quickly through the activities of my lesson and then students can watch it again as many times as they want afterwards.

This tutorial is not perfect and it's important given time pressures that we are under to record in almost one take. Don't get hung up on be perfectionist. If you make mistake then go with it, correct yourself and move on. This happens in the class room all the time.

Crowdsourcing Opportunity

Please use the comments space at the the bottom of this page. If you have any ideas or want to share good practice from your own school then please share in the comment bar.

If you would like to make  a 'Key Takeaways' resource that I then post at the bottom of a page for students to see then please send it to me and I will add it and credit the author. Alternatively, if you would like to make a filmed screencast of teacher comment for lesson page, like the one above, then again please do. Use any type of screencast software. I use screencast-o-matic . Upload it to your own Youtube account and share the URL with me. Again I will publish at the bottom of the page and credit the maker.

Thank you and good luck to everyone.

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