March update

Monday 12 March 2018

This month we have updated several of the existing pages with extra activities and also added some new sections. This blog also looks at some interesting anniversaries that occur this year which could be the focus of CAS activities in your department.

New resources

For paper 3, we have just added the topic Second World War and the Americas:

For Medieval, more case studies have been added on rulers for both papers 2 and 3.

Paper 2: Medieval Leader 3: Tamerlane and Paper 3: Case Study 1: al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah and Case Study 2: al-Hakim bi-amr Allah 

The Paper 3 section The Crusades is also now complete: 3. The Crusades - 1095-1291

Historical anniversaries this year

Having just come back from a visit to Lithuania, I have been reminded of the importance of historical anniversaries. Lithuania is celebrating 100 years since it declared independence in 1918. Independence was crushed with the Soviet annexation of Lithuania in 1940; this was followed by Nazi rule in 1941 and then a return to Soviet rule in 1945. Independence was only restored in 1990.

It is also of course 50 years since the momentous year of 1968 and thus the anniversary of the Tet Offensive, key anti-Vietnam war protests, Paris student protests, the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union and the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. And 80 years since Anschluss.

In schools, historical anniversaries give great opportunity for displays or assemblies on these key historical events and the issues connected to them. Those of you who have students working in the department for CAS hours, may want to involve these students in organising such events.

This article from the BBC History magazine gives more details on some more anniversaries including the ending of the First World War and the 150 year anniversary of the Meiji Restoration

Other interesting historical events in the news include the release of entire Rivonia Trial hearings:

I’m sure there are many more anniversaries and also links to history in the news -  we would love to hear of any others that you would be willing to share.

Also of course, please let us know of any other resources, topics that you would like to see covered on this site!


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