September: Site update and International Day of Peace

Sunday 16 September 2018

Several pages have been added to the site in the last month; also a new BBC drama on Rwanda and this month's International Day of Peace provides an opportunity for reflection on the role of the UN and current conflicts.

Student access

As we explained in the last blog, we have made all ATL pages on each topic available to your student groups. (See Student access to this site for how to set up your groups)

Now we have also made sure that you have the option of making the following pages accessible to your students if you so wish: videos, essay planning, sample marked work and resource pages. (Let us know if you find  pages that you wish your students to access that we have missed).

Site update

In the last month, we have added the following:

Paper 3, Topic 8 on the American Civil War under the Americas option:

The first section has been added on Slavery: 1. Slavery

The other sections will be uploaded as they are completed

Paper 3, Topic 11 on Japan under the Asia option:

The first 3 sections have been added and the rest will follow soon. This section links to Paper 1, PS 3 on Move to Global War so we will be providing new internal links between these two topics: Topic 11: Japan 1920 to 1990 

History/ TOK in the news:

The news story on the renovation of the 'last colonial museum' provides for some interesting discussion on what the role of museums should be: Who gets to write the History? The 'world's last colonial museum' (September 2018)

 Nazi Germany:

Timings and suggestions for using the 2017 series on Circle of Evil have been added: 6. European states in the inter-war years: Videos and activities 

Other resources

An interesting drama for those of you doing PS 4 on Conflict and Intervention is Black Earth Rising which focuses on the aftermath of the 1994 genocide and the role of the ICC.

This BBC link gives an overview of the drama and also has useful information and videos that could be used in teaching the topic

The real story behind Black Earth Rising (BBC News)

The show looks into the complicated series of events that followed the brutal Rwanda genocide.

This page is also useful:

Rwanda, genocide and the ICC: Hugo Blick explains the real political history behind Black Earth Rising (Radio Times)

The new eight-part BBC2 drama starring Michaela Coel is based on real controversies surrounding the International Criminal Court in Africa

Important dates

This Friday, 21 September, is International Day of Peace which gives an opportunity to reflect on the role of the UN and also the conflicts that exist today:

International Day of Peace (

2018 Peace Day Theme:This year's #peaceday celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "The Right to Peace- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70." Learn more here:#standup4humanrights

Linked to this is the Peace One Day Movement which provides lots of potential for CAS activities:

Campaigns Overview (Peace One Day)

Every year, Rugby teams and clubs throughout the world use the game to celebrate Peace Day, drawing on the mutual respect, cooperation and the power of rugby to unite people. This initiative is growing fast! Join in now!


The 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War is fast approaching and you may want to get your history CAS students working on a presentation or Assembly for this important date. More on this later!


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