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9 November: Fall of the Berlin Wall 7 November 2019

9 November is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - one of the iconic events of the late 20th Century through its dramatic nature and its symbolism, signifying the collapse of communist... more

October: site update, an anniversary and fake news 23 October 2019

We are pleased to announce that two new units have been started on the site.For Paper 3, Asia and Oceania region, we are now adding Topic 07; Challenges to traditional East Asian societies (1700 - 1868) more

1 October: 70th Anniversary of Chinese Revolution 30 September 2019

1 October is the 70th Anniversary of the Chinese RevolutionAs we discussed in September's blog, this is a great opportunity for a discussion of the signficance of the Revolution - both with history and... more

September: Site update, an anniversary and a book review 17 September 2019

Site update, forthcoming anniversary plus publication of a book on one of the greatest unknown heroes of the Second World WarWe are pleased to announce that two Paper 3 units are now complete: more

August: Starting the IB history programme, site update and interesting articles 11 August 2019

Some teaching ideas for your new IB history students, site update and some interesting articles!Photo by Ben White on UnsplashMany of us are starting the new school year this month and will be teaching... more

June: Anniversaries and updates 3 June 2019

Anniversaries of world changing events and updates to Paper 2 Cold War topic to bring it in line with the ammendments for 2020.This month sees some important anniversaries; as ever these are a great way... more

May: Should governments apologise for crimes of the past? 5 May 2019

With the May History IB examinations imminent, we wish the best of luck to all of your students!Here we ponder the signficance of some more anniversaries and give you an update on this month's additions... more

April: Focus on exams! 31 March 2019

Photo by Green Chameleon on UnsplashMay exams are fast approaching so we have put up a revision section for students to give some tips on how to revise effectively. You can find this on the home page... more

March: International Women's Day 6 March 2019

Some thoughts on International Women's Day, interesting articles and site update.Marie Stopes in her laboratory8 March is International Women’s Day; this gives historians and students a great opportunity... more

February: Site update and more anniversaries 12 February 2019

February update on our new ATL and quiz pages as well as some ideas for commemorating 2019 anniversaries.As ever, historical anniversaries mean that the media is re-visiting key individuals and events... more