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January: Anniversaries for 2019 and history in the news 11 January 2019

Happy New Year! See below for site updates, plans for 2019, forthcoming Anniversaries and some other interesting articles.Many thanks for all of your responses to our New Year message and your positive... more

December: Site update and best history books of 2018 19 December 2018

More site updates and some extra resources from the Web.Several developments have taken place on our site since the last blog in November.We have added more multiple choice quizzes (with interactive versions)... more

The Wound in Time: a sonnet for 11th November 10 November 2018

The Wound in Time is a sonnet written by the British poet Carol Ann Duffy for Armistice Day commemorations.THE WOUND IN TIME by Carol Ann DuffyIt is the wound in Time. The century’s tides, chanting... more

November: Armistice and site update 6 November 2018

More site updates and more ideas for commemorating Armistice Day.We would also like to wish good luck to all students who are currently taking their IB exams- and especially for the history exams this... more

October: Site update and remembering the Armistice 1918 17 October 2018

Yet more updates to the site this month, the need for 'short answer testing', and thoughts and resources on the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the Armistice, 1918.We have added some extra actvities... more

September: Site update and International Day of Peace 16 September 2018

Several pages have been added to the site in the last month; also a new BBC drama on Rwanda and this month's International Day of Peace provides an opportunity for reflection on the role of the UN and... more

August: Student access and History site updates 17 August 2018

A reminder on how to give your students access to this site and other new developments!As this is the start of the academic year for many schools, it seems a good time to remind you that you can sign... more

July: Site update and Reith lectures on War 18 July 2018

This year's Reith Lectures focus on war and society. Margaret MacMillan provides a historical perspective on war from the view of combatants, civilians and peacemakers. The 100 year anniversary of Nelson... more

June update: the power of photos and another anniversary 11 June 2018

What can we learn from a photo? Also, the significance of Bobby Kennedy's assassination and an update on new materials to the site.As historians, we are fascinated by ‘iconic’ photos that capture... more

May update: Changes to IB History and the 'specter' of Marx 9 May 2018

Update on changes to the IB History course, commemorating Marx and additions to the site!The IB have made some minor changes to the IB history course for teaching from 2018. The new guide will be published... more