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2. The Middle Passage10 April 2021

This page examines the horrors of the 'Middle Passage', the second leg of the transatlantic 'triangular' trade in which the slaves were forced to endure 'a kind of living death' aboard the slave ships. more

3. Life on the plantations 10 April 2021

Slaves leaving the West Coast of Africa could be taken to the West Indies, to Brazil, or to the southern colonies of British America. In all three regions, they were taken to plantations and thus slaves... more

2. Wilson’s peace ideals 9 April 2021

Wilson had very clear views as to how peace should be reached in Europe and what ideals should underpin any peace treaty. However the Versailles Settlement ultimately fell short of Wilson's ideals and,... more

Topic 05: Slavery and the New World (1500–1800)free9 April 2021

This topic covers the development of slavery in the Americas - how and why it developed, the role and nature of the Atlantic slave trade, as well as resistance and opposition to slavery.(Please note that... more

Topic 10: Emergence of the Americas in global affairs (1880–1929)free9 April 2021

This topic focuses on the changing role of the Americas in global affairs between 1880 and 1929.This topic is currently being developed; we hope to finish in the next few weeks!Specifically this topic... more

1. Second World War: Causes Part I (ATL)9 April 2021

Case study: The Second World WarThis page contains ATL to help students understand the causes of The Second World WarEssay writing practice for this case study as well as ideas for videos and how to incorporate... more

3. Japanese expansion in East Asia (1931 - 1941) (ATL)9 April 2021

The growth of Japanese nationalism and militarism after 1931 and the consequent expansion of Japan into East Asia led to war with China and conflict with the West. This was to culminate in the Japanese... more

Does history do more harm than good? (Feb 2020)8 April 2021

The graves of soldiers, in Sarajevo, who died during the Bosnian war.In January 2020, Trump presented his Administration’s Partition Plan for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The plan, which... more

1. Origins of the Cold War (short answers)8 April 2021

Read and do the ATL tasks under guiding question 1 (How did events 1944 - 46 contribute to growing tension between the USA and the USSR?) on this page: 1.1 Theme 1 - Rivalry, Mistrust and Accord (ATL)... more

3. Cold War Crises: Berlin Wall8 April 2021

Here are 20 questions on the Berlin Wall Crisis.Review the Berlin Crisis (1959 - 61) first on this page before doing the quiz. 3. Theme 3 - Cold War Crises (ATL) more