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2. The inter-war years; growing pressure on Britain16 February 2019

The inter-war years saw the Indian population challenging British rule though campaigns of civil disobedience led by Gandhi. It also saw a variety of responses from the British government to growing Indian... more

4. Military Maketh the Man: Richard's Aims and Objectivesfree14 February 2019

Guiding Questions:A number of motives behind Richard's broad activities have been suggested by historians over the last few centuries and as with all famous individuals, perceptions and accounts of him... more

3. Growth of Muslim separatism13 February 2019

This section considers the growth of Muslim separatism in the years following the 1937 elections: Jinnah's Two Nations theory and the impact of the Lahore Resolution.Guiding questions: more

1. Europe and the First World War (ATL)12 February 2019

On this page you will find ATL on the causes and impact of the First World War. These are in addition to ATL which can be found on the case study of the First World War for Paper 2: Case Study: First... more

7. First World War: Extra resources12 February 2019

On this page we have included some extra websites, reading, fiction and films that are useful for pursuing this topic further.Also see the blogs leading up to the Armistice Anniversary, November 2018... more

8. TOK and Richard Ifree12 February 2019

The materials on this page are to supplement and compliment the content on the Richard I pages. They can be used for starter activities, class activities, homework, research, broader enrichment of a topic... more

7. The Soviet Union and Russia: Graded student essaysfree7 February 2019

On this page you will find sample essays on this topic, written by students. There are also some suggested activities that you could do with the essays as well.Essay One'He brought his country and his... more

3. Second World War: Practices (ATL)5 February 2019

The Second World War is a case study of a war between states. It is also cross-regional case study. It is an example of a war where you can analyse and evaluate the relative importance of each theatre... more

1. Second World War: Causes Part I (ATL)31 January 2019

Case study: The Second World WarThis page contains ATL to help students understand the causes of The Second World WarEssay writing practice for this case study as well as ideas for videos and how to incorporate... more

Case Study Topic 10: Mussolini (ATL)28 January 2019

Case Study: MussoliniThe ATL on this page are for students to investigate the key themes connected with Mussolini's rise and consolidation of power and the nature of his rule.More details of Mussolini's... more