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Topic 17: Post-war developments in the Middle East (1945–2000)16 January 2019

This topic will explore the various ideas such as nationalism, communalism, modernization and westernization in the Middle East after 1945. It will examine the complex issues of domestic reforms and to... more

2. Liberation Theology in Latin America11 January 2019

This page examines Liberation Theology, a radical movement that developed in Latin America as a response to the poverty and the ill-treatment of ordinary people; it looks at the causes of the movement,... more

2. Military Personnel7 January 2019

In this page, you will be introduced to the components that constituted the medieval armies with focus on sources and activities.Medieval ArmiesBelow is an outline of some of the key components of the... more

1. Case Study 1: al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah6 January 2019

In this page, you will be introduced to the first of three case studies on a key Fatimid ruler. The focus will be on the achievements and significance of the ruler for the Fatimid legacy with primary... more

2. Case Study 2: al-Hakim bi-amr Allah6 January 2019

Here is the second case study that you need for this topic.Guiding Questions:Below are some links to brief posts on al-Hakim to give you an overview of his life and his rule: more

Fatimid Resources6 January 2019

In this page, you will find a variety of resources and references that present aspects of Fatimid legacy and impact from both print and media in order to help you gain an overview. more

Topic 2: The Fatimids - 909-11716 January 2019

Here you will be introduced to one of the most resplendent and culturally advanced period of Islamic history - The Fatimids. You will explore the rise of the Ismailis and the route to their formation... more

Option 1: Africa and the Middle East6 January 2019

This is a vast historical time-period covered in 18 topics that follows chronologically from Arabia and Europe in 750 through to 20th century post-war developments in the Middle East and Africa up to... more

Option 3: History of Asia and Oceaniafree4 January 2019

There are 18 possible topics in this section which range from 8th Century to 20th Century, from Medieval times to developments at the end of the 20th Century.This allows you to broaden out your curriculum... more

Topic 11: Japan 1920 to 1990free4 January 2019

This period of Japan's history starts with a period of 'liberal' democracy, examines the descent into nationalism and militarism in the 1930s with its catastrophic results, and then looks at the reconstruction... more