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3. The growth of militarism and nationalism in Japan6 October 2018

Despite the moves towards democracy and internationalism in the 1920s, external pressures ensured that the underlying problems which still existed in Japanese government and society would lead to a growth... more

1. Crisis of the Ancien Régime (ATL)free6 October 2018

This section looks at the various threats and crises facing the Ancien Régime by 1788.There is a mixture of starter activities on this page plus source activities summary activities, analytical activities,... more

Interactive quiz: Origins of the Cold War4 October 2018

1. Origins of the Cold War - 10 questionsOrigins of the Cold War 02/08/2014 : asfdsafd more

7. The Cold War: Quizzesfree4 October 2018

In this section you can find fact quizzes which can be used as starters to lessons or as end of topic quizzes. Below are 'paper' quizzes which you can print off.You will also see some student pages on... more

3. The revolutions of 1917 (ATL)30 September 2018

On this page, there are ATL to help students understand the causes of the February Revolution and the events that led up to the October Revolution.Videos for this section and ideas for using videos can... more

2. Extended Essay: Research and referencing tips18 September 2018

This page contains some tips for students on how to go about research for the Extended Essay and how to do their referencing.Hopefully, your school librarian will talk to all students in your school about... more

2. African Americans and the fight for civil rights (ATL)free17 September 2018

This section looks at the different methods used by African Americans to end segregation and achieve equality, and the influence of both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X on the civil rights movement. more

2. Taisho Democracy17 September 2018

The reign of the Taisho Emperor, although short, is associated with a period of optimism in Japan's development when it seemed that Japan was becoming part of the international world order and developing... more

Cold War Crises: Graded student examples17 September 2018

On this page, you will find sample essays for this section - comparing crises from different regions.Essay OneCompare and contrast the causes of two crises each taken from a different region more

Who gets to write the History? The 'world's last colonial museum' (September 2018)17 September 2018

The renovation of Belgium’s African museum ‘the last colonial museum in the world’ highlights this question and the issue of how countries try to deal with dark parts of their past.The African Museum... more