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9. French Revolution and Napoleon: Videos and activities7 November 2018

This page has some suggestions for documentaries on the French Revolution with suggestions of which bits to show and various tasks for the students.This is a BBC documentary on the Palace of Versailles.... more

6. French Revolution and Napoleon: Essay frames and writing exercisesfree7 November 2018

This page contains a variety of essay writing exercises and essay plans for this topic.Task oneIn pairs, plan out the following essay. Write out an introduction in full.Click on the eye for hints. There... more

5. The rise and rule of Napoleon (1799 - 1814) (ATL)7 November 2018

This topic gives suggestions for ATL on Napoleon's domestic and foreign policies and their impact on France.Guiding Questions:Why did Napoleon become leader of France?What was the impact of Napoleon's... more

1. Weimar and Hitler's rise to power7 November 2018

Here are 25 questions on Weimar and Hitler's rise to power: more

3. Hitler's policies 1933 - 19397 November 2018

Here are 25 questions on Hitler's policies and their impact 1933 to 1939. more

2. Hitler's consolidation of power7 November 2018

Here are 25 questions on Hitler's consolidation and maintenance of power 1933 to 1945. more

China and Korea (1910 - 1950): graded student examples5 November 2018

On this page you will find sample essays on this topic, written by students and graded by examiners. We have also suggested activities that can be done with these essays.Evaluate the achievements and... more

2. Nazi Germany (1933 - 1939) (ATL)31 October 2018

Here are some different activities that you can do for this part of Section 14 on Weimar Germany. There is a mixture of starter activities on this page plus source activities, summary activities, analytical... more

Case Study Topic 10: Stalin (ATL)31 October 2018

Case Study: StalinThe aims of the ATL here and the essay planning page (Stalin: Essay planning for Paper 2) are to pull together the key events of Stalin's rule under the themes required for the prescribed... more

16: The Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia (1924–2000)free31 October 2018

This topic covers the dramatic events in the Soviet Union from Stalin's establishment of a totalitarian state through economic and political stagnation to the collapse of Stalin's legacy in 1989 and... more