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Interactive quizzes14 November 2018

Here are interactive quizzes for this topic on the Interwar Years.Each page has a different quiz of 25 questions which students can do on their own. When students 'check' their answers they will also... more

6. Mussolini's policies14 November 2018

Here you will find 25 questions on the aims and results of Mussolini's policies. more

5. Mussolini's consolidation and maintenance of power14 November 2018

Here are 25 questions on Mussolini's consolidation and maintenance of power. more

2. Origins of the Civil War11 November 2018

This page explores further the growing tensions over the different political, social and economic developments taking place in the northern and southern states of America.Guiding questions: more

9. Japan 1920 to 1990: Videos8 November 2018

In addition to the videos below, others can be found on the various ATL pages for this topic, linked to specific activities. Videos for Japan in the 1920s and 1930s can be found here: 4. Japanese expansion... more

4. The Thermidorian Reaction and the Directory (1795–1799)8 November 2018

The ATL on this page involve activities to help students events after the fall of Napoleon: the Thermidorian reaction, the establishment of, nature of, and collapse of the Directory (1795–1799). more

2. The establishment of a consitutional monarchy (1789 - 1791) 7 November 2018

The ATL on this page involve activities to help students understand the tumultuous events of 1789 through to the establishment of a new constitution. Videos and teaching ideas for videos are covered here:... more

9. French Revolution and Napoleon: Videos and activities7 November 2018

This page has some suggestions for documentaries on the French Revolution with suggestions of which bits to show and various tasks for the students.This is a BBC documentary on the Palace of Versailles.... more

6. French Revolution and Napoleon: Essay frames and writing exercisesfree7 November 2018

This page contains a variety of essay writing exercises and essay plans for this topic.Task oneIn pairs, plan out the following essay. Write out an introduction in full.Click on the eye for hints. There... more

5. The rise and rule of Napoleon (1799 - 1814) (ATL)7 November 2018

This topic gives suggestions for ATL on Napoleon's domestic and foreign policies and their impact on France.Guiding Questions:Why did Napoleon become leader of France?What was the impact of Napoleon's... more