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Case Study Topic 10: Hitler (ATL)31 October 2018

Case Study: HitlerThe aims of the ATL on this page and the essay planning page (Hitler: Essay planning for Paper 2) are to pull together the key events of Hitler's rise and rule under the themes required... more

12: Imperial Russia, revolution and the establishment of the Soviet Unionfree31 October 2018

This topic looks at the last Tsars of Imperial Russia, the growing clash between conservatism and modernization and the impact of industrialisation, through to the political upheavals of 1905 and 1917... more

1. Stalin's rise to power and rule (ATL)30 October 2018

Here are some different activities that you can do for this first part of Section 16. There is a mixture of starter activities on this page plus source activities, summary activities, analytical activities,... more

Key features of this sitefree18 October 2018

This IB history site is designed to help you and your students achieve success in the IB History Diploma programme.How will it do this?To help you create a successful History Diploma course we: more

Getting startedfree18 October 2018

The pages below will help you to find out how this site will help you and your students to get the most out of this site.This IB history site is designed to help you and your students achieve success... more

Student access free18 October 2018

An important feature of this site is the ability to give students access to all of the ATL pagesYou can also choose to give students the access to the essay planning pages and the IA and EE help pages. more

2. Student access: setting assignments18 October 2018

Once you have given your students access and they have signed themselves up, not only can they access the pages you allow them to see, but you can also set assignments. An 'Assignment' is a task set... more

1. Student Access: setting up student groups17 October 2018

The first stage in giving your students access to this site so that they can work through ATL on their own is to set up student groups.1. Go to the homepage. Click on Student Access on left hand side... more

Topic 03: Dynasties and Rulers (750-1500)14 October 2018

In this topic, you will explore dynasties, kingdoms and their rulers with focus on a number of areas including: (1) the rise to power of key medieval rulers and how they legitimate and maintain power... more

Case Study 2: The Crusades 1095-129114 October 2018

The content details on the crusades can be found on the Higher Level option page.This case study for Paper 2 overlaps considerably with the Higher Level option on the Crusades. In order to be familiar... more