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1. Student Access: setting up student groups17 October 2018

The first stage in giving your students access to this site so that they can work through ATL on their own is to set up student groups.1. Go to the homepage. Click on Student Access on left hand side... more

Topic 03: Dynasties and Rulers (750-1500)14 October 2018

In this topic, you will explore dynasties, kingdoms and their rulers with focus on a number of areas including: (1) the rise to power of key medieval rulers and how they legitimate and maintain power... more

Case Study 2: The Crusades 1095-129114 October 2018

The content details on the crusades can be found on the Higher Level option page.This case study for Paper 2 overlaps considerably with the Higher Level option on the Crusades. In order to be familiar... more

PS2: Conquest and its impactfree14 October 2018

This topic covers the final stages of Muslim rule in Spain in the late 15th Century and the conquest of Mexico and Peru in the 16th Century.The main themes for this topic are outlined below; the full... more

1. IA: Explaining the criteria13 October 2018

This page explains the criteria for the IA in more detail.In this section, students need to:This section builds on the skills that they will already have developed for Question 2 of Paper 1. However,... more

2. The Nanjing decade (1927 - 1937)free12 October 2018

The Nanjing Decade was a relatively stable period during which China was ruled by Jiang Jieshi, Sun Yixian's successor. However, many challenges remained and there was only limited success in creating... more

3. The growth of militarism and nationalism in Japan6 October 2018

Despite the moves towards democracy and internationalism in the 1920s, external pressures ensured that the underlying problems which still existed in Japanese government and society would lead to a growth... more

1. Crisis of the Ancien Régime (ATL)free6 October 2018

This section looks at the various threats and crises facing the Ancien Régime by 1788.There is a mixture of starter activities on this page plus source activities summary activities, analytical activities,... more

Interactive quiz: Origins of the Cold War4 October 2018

1. Origins of the Cold War - 10 questionsOrigins of the Cold War 02/08/2014 : asfdsafd more

7. The Cold War: Quizzesfree4 October 2018

In this section you can find fact quizzes which can be used as starters to lessons or as end of topic quizzes. Below are 'paper' quizzes which you can print off.You will also see some student pages on... more