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2. American policy in Vietnam (ATL)6 September 2018

Here are activities for this section of Topic 16. There is much overlap here with the Vietnam for Paper 2 , Topic 11 on Wars: Case Study: The Vietnam War (ATL) and Paper 3, Cold War Conflicts in Asia:... more

1. The rise of the Khan! Part 1 - Timujin in the Makingfree4 September 2018

Understanding the success of the Mongols as a people - especially under the leadership of Timujin (Genghis Khan) - requires understanding the broader heritage and context out of which these nomadic people... more

8. TOK Materials for Genghis Khan3 September 2018

ATL: Thinking and Research SkillsRead this book review of Genghis Khan by professor of anthropology Jack Weatherford and answer the following questions. (excerpts of the review can be found on the attached... more

1. The final stages of Muslim rule in Spain: ATL2 September 2018

This page focuses on the end of Muslim rule in Spain: the reasons for, and the consequences of, this key historical event. There is a mixture of starter activities on this page plus source practice, summary... more

1. First World War: Causes (ATL)28 August 2018

The page contains ATL to help students understand the causes, practices and effects of The First World War.For students studying this topic for Paper 3, more detail on the causes of the First World War... more

What are ATL?27 August 2018

All activities on this site are based on different Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL). This page discusses these in more detail.A key aim of the IB is to develop the following key learning skills... more

1. Causes of the Great Depression in USfree27 August 2018

The economic depression, which first affected the United States and then the whole world, started with the collapse of share prices on the Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York, October 1929. However,... more

China and Korea (1910 - 1950): videos27 August 2018

See below for videos on China and Korea. These are in addition to the videos which are linked to activities on the ATL pages.This video starts with student demonstrations in 1989 and then links these... more

China and Korea (1910 - 1950): Essay frames and writing exercises27 August 2018

This page contains a variety of essay writing exercises and essay plans for this topic.In pairs plan the following essays:Evaluate the impact of Yuan Shikai's rule on ChinaUse your planning grid on... more

China and Korea (1910 - 1950) Extra Resources27 August 2018

On these pages you can find useful websites for this unit along with historians' texts that students might find enjoyable to develop their understanding further. These books are all very readable and... more