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2. Extended Essay: Research and referencing tips18 September 2018

This page contains some tips for students on how to go about research for the Extended Essay and how to do their referencing.Hopefully, your school librarian will talk to all students in your school about... more

2. African Americans and the fight for civil rights (ATL)free17 September 2018

This section looks at the different methods used by African Americans to end segregation and achieve equality, and the influence of both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X on the civil rights movement. more

2. Taisho Democracy17 September 2018

The reign of the Taisho Emperor, although short, is associated with a period of optimism in Japan's development when it seemed that Japan was becoming part of the international world order and developing... more

Cold War Crises: Graded student examples17 September 2018

On this page, you will find sample essays for this section - comparing crises from different regions.Essay OneCompare and contrast the causes of two crises each taken from a different region more

Who gets to write the History? The 'world's last colonial museum' (September 2018)17 September 2018

The renovation of Belgium’s African museum ‘the last colonial museum in the world’ highlights this question and the issue of how countries try to deal with dark parts of their past.The African Museum... more

4. Extended Essay: Applying criterion E17 September 2018

Criterion E assesses the level of engagement that the student has had with the writing of the essay. Students are expected to reflect on their experiences in writing their essay by using a researcher's... more

3. Extended Essay: Applying criteria A - Dfree17 September 2018

It is important for your students to get to see the criteria at the start of the Extended Essay process and that they understand how these criteria apply to writing an essay in History.A: Focus and Method... more

3. Versailles to Berlin: Videos and activities17 September 2018

Here are some video that are specific to the general issues of the inter-war years. Other videos on Hitler, Mussolini and the lead up to the Second World War can be found on Videos: German and Italian... more

8. Imperial Russia, revolution and the establishment of the Soviet Union: Extra resources17 September 2018

On these pages you can find useful websites for this unit along with historians' texts that students might find enjoyable to develop their understanding further. There are also some suggestions for fiction... more

4. China at war 1931 to 1949 (ATL)17 September 2018

From 1931, China was subjected to an invasion by the Japanese; this conflict became part of the wider conflict of the Second World War from 1941. Although Jiang and Mao created a second United Front to... more