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4. Siege Warfarefree19 August 2018

On this page, you will be introduced to medieval siege warfare; its aims and effects as a strategy in war.Here, you can also link your study of siege warfare to specific examples of battles you may have... more

6. The Effects of Medieval Wars and Conflicts19 August 2018

In this page, you will examine the various effects of medieval wars with historical case studies in order to give a broad scope to the content. There will also be a number of ATL activities to engage... more

5. Women in Medieval Warfarefree19 August 2018

In this page, you will be introduced to women in wartime within the medieval period examining why they went to war, their militarised roles and the gendered historiography surrounding them within the... more

1. Causes of Medieval Wars19 August 2018

In this page, you will be introduced to some theories of war and key causes of medieval wars.This page and other pages within this Paper 2 topic will require holistically reading and linking the materials.... more

Topic 02: Causes and Effects of Medieval Warsfree19 August 2018

In this site, you will explore the causes and consequences of medieval conflicts as well as the ethics and practices of the strategies that guided these wars. The content scope is regional extending from... more

Planning your coursefree17 August 2018

The History course is perhaps unique amongst the Diploma subjects in the range of content options that it provides for teachers. This creates some great opportunities for planning an exciting curriculum. more

6. Mongol Warfare: The Horsemen Hoard of the Steppes8 August 2018

Guiding Questions:Some additional information on these Mongol weapons can be gleaned from the site in the links below:As mentioned previously, the need to release men from socio-political tasks in order... more

5. The Mongol Impact on Central Asia Under Genghis Khan8 August 2018

The Mongol impact on Central Asia left permanent damage and trauma - both psychological trauma (horror and fear) and geographical trauma (physical destruction). In this section, through historical sources,... more

7. The Legacy of Genghis Khan8 August 2018

In what follows, the impact of Genghis Khan's meteoric rise to Eurasian domination will be explored and unpacked. Important aspects of his overall legacy will be assessed. Focus will then be given to... more

4. The Destruction of Khwarizmfree8 August 2018

The Mongol destruction of Major Islamic Central Asian cities (Khwarizm) set an explosive trajectory for a sweeping conquest of Muslim domains. The reports of horrifying massacres by the Mongol army during... more