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1. The Cuban Revolution and rule of Castro22 April 2019

Here are some different activities that you can do for this first part of Section 14. The activities on the Cuban revolution should be done alongside activities that can also be found under the wars topic... more

Leaders and nations: Essay writing exercises and essay frames21 April 2019

Leaders and nations: essay writing exercises and essay plansStudents will be choosing their own examples on which leaders and nations to include in their essays, and so essay frames here provide a general... more

1. Impact of leaders on the Cold War21 April 2019

Below are some different activities that you can do for this theme - using your knowledge of events post 1945 to compare the impact of different leaders on the course and development of the Cold War. more

2. Theme 2 - Leaders and Nations (ATL)free21 April 2019

This theme covers the following prescribed content:Students can use their knowledge of what they have covered under Theme 1 of this topic to help them analyse the impact of the different leaders (see... more

4. The Great Depression in Canada20 April 2019

The Depression that started in the US spread to many countries; Canada – with its strong economic ties to the US suffered particularly badly. Between 1929 and 1939, the Gross Domestic Product fell 40%... more

3. Political, economic and social impact of the Depression18 April 2019

The Depression had profound political, economic and social consequences for the US. This page examines the impact of the economic crisis on society, and the legacy of the New Deal on the political and... more

Case Study Topic 10: Mao (ATL)free17 April 2019

Case Study: Mao ZedongThe ATL on this page are for students to investigate the key themes connected with Mao's rise and consolidation of power and the nature of his rule.The key details of Mao's rule... more

1. Mao's consolidation of power and rule (1949 - 1976) (ATL)17 April 2019

After defeating the GMD, Mao still had to consolidate his power and to create a communist state in a country that was devastated from years of civil war and from fighting the Japanese; central government... more

2. Arab-Israeli conflicts, 1956 to 197315 April 2019

This page examines the causes and consequences of the military conflicts that took place between Israel and the Arab states in 1956, 1967 and 1973.Guiding questions:What were the causes and consequences... more

2. Assessment for Paper 212 April 2019

Paper 2 essays are marked using the markbands which can be found in the IB history guide hereUnlike Paper 3, there are no indicative comment markschemes due to the fact that students can choose their... more