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PS3: The Move to Global Warfree7 August 2021

This topic examines how the actions of three countries in two different regions contributed to the 'move to global war' in the 1930s. Students will look at Japanese expansionism and then German and Italian... more

Topic 11: Causes and effects of 20th Century warsfree14 November 2020

This topic allows you study a range of 20th Century wars.The study of each war needs to follow the three areas of 'prescribed content' and the themes identified within each area. However, the choice of... more

14: European states in the inter-war years (1918–1939)free13 January 2021

This section deals with the domestic developments in Italy, Germany and Spain in the inter-war years. In addition, it is possible to study the domestic developments of one other European country: this... more

15: Diplomacy in Europe (1919–1945)free19 August 2021

This topic covers the inter-war period as states sought to deal with the repercussions of the First World War, to establish peace treaties and to secure the peace of Europe through collective security... more

Topic 12: The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalriesfree11 May 2021

World history topic 12: The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalriesThis topic is divided into three themes which are explained below.There are separate pages on each of the three areas of prescribed... more

Graded student essays for Authoritarian Statesfree20 August 2021

Paper Two essays will expect students to analyse one or two authoritarian states on a topic inked to one of the themes on the prescribed content. If two examples are required these will need to be from... more

12: Imperial Russia, revolution and the establishment of the Soviet Unionfree14 November 2020

This topic looks at the last Tsars of Imperial Russia, the growing clash between conservatism and modernization and the impact of industrialisation, through to the political upheavals of 1905 and 1917... more

5. PS3: Full source papers Case Study 1free9 February 2021

See below for full source papers and mark schemes for Case Study 1 on Japanese expansionism in East Asia (1931 - 1941) more

3. Theme 3 - Cold War Crisesfree14 September 2021

Theme 3: Cold War crisesThis theme involves studying Cold War crises. A crisis is considered to be an event when there was a clear escalation of tension between the superpowersStudents need to be able... more

6. PS3: Full source papers Case Study 2free9 September 2021

See below for full source papers and mark schemes for Case Study 2 on German and Italian expansion (1933 1 1941)For the first two of the source questions we also have included student answers which you... more

5. PS4: Full source papers Case Study 1free4 July 2021

Below you will find full source papers, mark schemes and sample answers, marked by an examiner, for Case Study 1 on the civil rights movement in the United States. more

1. Imperial Russia, reform and reaction (1855 - 1894) (ATL)30 October 2019

The years 1855 to 1894 saw Russia experiencing some dramatic reforms, but also severe repression.Here are some different activities that you can do for this first part of Section 12. There is a mixture... more

Topic 10: Emergence of the Americas in global affairs (1880–1929)free16 August 2021

This topic focuses on the changing role of the Americas in global affairs between 1880 and 1929.Specifically this topic covers:Towards the end of the 19th Century, the US became more involved in foreign... more

2. Graded student examples with two case studiesfree21 September 2021

Essays asking for two case-studies are more challenging than those which require the analysis of only one example. Planning help for such essays is given here: Comparative essay planning for Authoritarian... more

Getting started: Studentsfree30 August 2021

This site is designed to help you succeed in your History IB examination.Your teacher will direct you to pages with relevant content and activities for each of the topics that you are studying. more

1. The impact of the First World War on Japan16 September 2018

The First World War saw Japan increasing its role on the world stage; it increased its territories and influence and, in the post-war years, entered into the Washington Treaties with the USA and Britain. more

Topic 14: The People's Republic of China (1949 - 2005)free8 February 2021

Topic 14 examines the nature of Mao's rule over China; the impact of his domestic and foreign policies as well as the changes that took place after his death under Deng Xiaoping.Specifically this unit... more

Topic 05: Slavery and the New World (1500–1800)free17 May 2021

This topic covers the development of slavery in the Americas - how and why it developed, the role and nature of the Atlantic slave trade, as well as resistance and opposition to slavery. more

5. Extended Essay: Graded student examplesfree26 September 2021

This section includes some samples of EEs that have received A grades. All of these EEs have been marked according to the new criteria. more

3. The growth of militarism and nationalism in Japan13 April 2020

Despite the moves towards democracy and internationalism in the 1920s, external pressures ensured that the underlying problems which still existed in Japanese government and society would lead to a growth... more

Case Study: Chinese Civil Warfree19 December 2020

The Chinese Civil War was an attempt by two ideologically opposed forces – the Nationalist Guomindang and the Chinese Communists – to gain central control over China. There are two phases to this... more

2. Developing study skillsfree5 September 2020

This section looks at the key skills that you need as a starting point for any historical investigation. It includes help on finding relevant sources and gives tips on how to effectively read and take... more

2. American policy in Vietnam (ATL)4 February 2020

Here are activities for this section of Topic 16. There is much overlap here with the Vietnam for Paper 2 , Topic 11 on Wars: Case Study: The Vietnam War (ATL) and Paper 3, Cold War Conflicts in Asia:... more

Causes and effects of 20th Century wars: Graded student examples free8 April 2021

Paper Two essays will usually expect students to either analyse one or two Twentieth Century Wars linked to one of the themes on the prescribed content. If it is two wars the question may also specify... more

Topic 15: Cold War conflicts in Asiafree16 July 2021

This section looks at the impact of the Cold War on Asia. There is a lot of overlap with this topic for Paper 3 and the Superpower rivalry topic for paper 2Specifically this topic covers the following... more

2. Vietnam War: Videos and activities20 August 2019

On this page you will find some suggestions and links to videos that can be used as well as teacher notes with suggestions as to how the videos can be used with students. Questions for some of the videos... more

2. Taisho Democracy17 September 2018

The reign of the Taisho Emperor, although short, is associated with a period of optimism in Japan's development when it seemed that Japan was becoming part of the international world order and developing... more

Topic 08: Independence Movementsfree26 July 2021

Topic 8 focuses on the emergence of new states in the 19th and 20th Centuries.You will need to cover at least two Independence movements from different regions though it is recommended that you study... more

2. Rivalry, mistrust and accord: Graded student examplesfree22 June 2021

Below you will find marked essays for the first theme of this topic; essays relating to 'Rivalry, mistrust and accord',can be quite specific.However, if essays are on the second and third themes - Nations... more

Move to Global War: Interactive quizzes17 December 2018

Here are interactive versions of the quizzes for this topic on Global WarEach page has a different quiz of 25 questions which students can do on their own. When students 'check' their answers they will... more

1. England 1150-122016 July 2018

Guiding Questions:What was life like in Medieval England?What was the feudal system and its effect on life in England?What was the government like in medieval England?How does the life and governance... more

2. The inter-war years: growing pressure on Britain29 June 2020

The inter-war years saw the Indian population challenging British rule though campaigns of civil disobedience led by Gandhi. It also saw a variety of responses from the British government to growing Indian... more

2. Early Life: Richard's Rise to Power16 July 2018

On this page, you will examine Richard's early life and later life. Through primary and secondary sources, you will also understand the factors that shaped him as a young knight, king and then crusader. more

The IB Corefree20 August 2018

In addition to passing their subject examinations, all IB Diploma students have to fulfil three core requirements. 1. The Extended Essay: a research essay of up to 4000 words in a subject of a student's... more

Case Study: Topic 10 Nasserfree30 August 2020

In 1952 a coup brought down King Farouk of Egypt; the new military regime introduced a series of modernising reforms and also challenged the West's influence in the country and in the region as a whole.... more

7. The Cold War: Quizzesfree20 March 2021

See below for multiple choice interactive quizzes that students can do online with student access as well as 'paper quizzes' that you can print off for students.On this page you will find quizzes on this... more

4. The impact of the Second World War on India20 March 2019

This page examines the impact of the Second World War on British rule in India and the growing divisions between Hindu and Muslim which would ultimately lead to Partition.Guiding questions more

9. European states in the inter-war years: quizzes22 March 2019

On this page you will find quizzes on this topic to help students learn key facts.For interactive quizzes, which students can do online, go to this page: European states in the interwar years: Interactive... more

Case study: Algerian Warfree30 August 2021

The Algerian War of 1954 to 1962 was one of the most brutal and devastating African struggles for independence. The war started on 1 November 1954 with an insurrection led by the Front de Libération... more

1. The nature and structure of imperial rule under the Qing dynasty; Qianlong11 October 2019

The Qing dynasty, founded by the invading Manchus, was the last imperial dynasty of China; it was established in 1644 and ended in 1911 thus lasting for three centuries. Under Emperor Qianlong the Manchu... more

Mao: Quizzes 7 March 2021

See below for interactive multiple choice quizzes that students can do online with student access. Or you can print off the paper version for students.Here are interactive quizzes on this topic. When... more

'Fake history is fake news entrenched' (Nov 2020)free24 November 2020

In the UK there is currently much discussion over Series 4 of The Crown, which follows the lives of the UK Royal Family under the current Queen Elizabeth. As the Netflix drama has moved towards the near-present,... more

Tema 11: Causas y consecuencias de las guerras del siglo XXfree4 October 2020

Este tema permite estudiar una serie de guerras del siglo XX.El estudio de cada guerra debe seguir las tres áreas de "contenido prescrito" y los temas identificados dentro de cada área. Sin embargo,... more

4. The People's Republic of China: Essay frames and writing exercises6 August 2018

This page contains a variety of essay writing exercises and essay plans for this topic.Task OneATL: thinking skills1. In pairs consider the following essay:To what extent was Mao's rule after 1955 a failure? more

1. Primera Guerra Munial: Causas8 June 2020

La Primera Guerra Mundial comenzó en los Balcanes en julio de 1914 y terminó en noviembre de 1918. En ella participaron más de 100 países y provocó 17 millones de muertos y 20 millones de heridos.... more

3. The Chivalrous Warrior: Personality, Perspectives and Leadership16 July 2018

On this page, you will find primary and secondary literature on the personality of Richard I as well as the different perspectives on his character and leadership qualities. Guiding Questions: more

5. Richard Overseas: The Third Crusade16 July 2018

On this page, you will look at Richard's military expedition abroad in the Middle East under what is called "The Third Crusade". You will also examine his leadership and achievements from various sources... more

3. Chinese Civil War: Effects (ATL)3 August 2018

1 October 1949, Mao proclaimed the People's Republic in Tiananmen Square.The effects of his victory in the civil war were far-reaching not just for China but for the region and for the whole world. The... more

Do we have a Hollywood view of History? (June 2018)1 June 2018

History is a great topic for movies and a great way for people to find out about historical events…or is it?This is the historian Antony Beevor’s view on war movies in an article from The Guardian... more

4. Spanish Civil War: Essay planning for Paper 23 August 2018

The Spanish Civil War: essay planningThis page contains essay plans and essay writing activities on the Spanish Civil War. For comparative essays involving the Spanish Civil war please go to the comparative... more