Case Study: First World War

Case Study: The First World War

The First World War is a cross-regional case study.  It is also an example of a conflict where the theatres of war: land, sea air, new technology and the extent of human and economic mobilisation could be seen as factors in determining the outcome.

We have divided up the ATL on The First World War so that there are separate pages for the causes, practices and effects of the war.

In addition, there are  sample essays for this topic which use The First World War as a case study on the essay exemplar page: Causes and effects of 20th Century wars: Graded student examples  

2. First World War: Practices (ATL)

The First World War: PracticesThe First World War is a cross-regional case study. It is also an example of a war where there is total mobilisation of human and economic resources in some of the belligerent...

3. First World War: Effects (ATL)

This pages looks at the issues confronting the peace makers in 1917 and the impact of the Versailles settlement.Essay writing practice for this case study as well as videos and quizzes can be found on...

4. First World War: Essay planning for Paper 2

First World War: Essay planning This page contains ATL to improve essay writing for this topic as well as specific essay frames.Task OneATL: Thinking skillsThe six key concepts in history are:

7. First World War: Extra resources

On this page we have included some extra websites, reading, fiction and films that are useful for pursuing this topic further.There are some excellent resources on line for investigating the First World...

6. First World War: Videos and activities

On this page you will find some suggestions and links to videos that can be used as well as teacher notes with suggestions as to how the videos can be used with students. Questions for some of the videos...

8. First World War: Quiz

In this section you can find a quiz which can be used as a starters to a lesson or as an end of topic quiz. Below is a 'paper' quiz which you can print off.You will also see some student pages on the...

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