Hitler: Essay planning for Paper 2

Essay planning for using Hitler as a case study

This page contains ATL to improve essay writing using Hitler as a case study when discussing authoritarian states.

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Task One: Essay planning

ATL: Thinking and self-management skills

In pairs, plan out the following essay using the case study of Hitler.

Discuss the extent to which economic factors were key to the emergence of one authoritarian state.

Click on the eye below for hints:

The economic consequences of the Treaty of Versailles; how right-wing propaganda blamed the Treaty of Versailles for the economic problems of the Weimar Republic

The economic weaknesses of the Weimar Republic: hyper-inflation and continued economic weaknesses during the 1920s; dependence on loans from USA

The impact of the Great Depression on the fortunes of the Nazi party

Alternative reasons for the emergence of the Nazi Party: Hitler’s leadership, Nazi propaganda and organisation, fear of communism

Task Two: Essay Plan

ATL: Thinking skills

Write the following essay using Hitler as your case study. Click on the eye for an essay frame to help you, or download the PDF:

Discuss the success with which one authoritarian state was able to deal with opposition

Essay frame on Hitler: Discuss the success with which one authoritarian state was able to deal with opposition


Identify the nature of opposition faced by Hitler.

Set out your key argument

Paragraph 1

The main opposition initially came from other political parties. Hitler was able to deal successfully with this threat...

Paragraph 2

Hitler also faced opposition from within the Nazi party itself, the leader of the SA, Ernst Rohm and this was also successfully dealt with.

Paragraph 3

The Church was another area of potential opposition. Initially Hitler was successful in dealing with this.

Paragraph 4

Any potential opposition from the workers was dealt with through…

Paragraph 5

In addition to policies targeted at specific groups, a system of terror ensured that the general population were kept in line and had minimal opportunities to oppose the government

Paragraph 6

However, although opposition was kept to a minimum, it did develop after 1939 with the impact of World War Two and provided a more direct threat to the Nazis.

(consider army and youth as two groups)

In conclusion..

Come back to the question and make sure that your final answer reflects the weight of evidence in your answer.

Task Three: essay planning

ATL: thinking skills

In pairs plan out the following essays using Hitler as your case study:

  1. 'Foreign policy plays a key role in allowing authoritarian states to consolidate and maintain their power'

         With reference to one authoritarian state, to what extent do you agree with this claim?

  1. “Political ideology played a significant part in the emergence of authoritarian states.” With reference to one authoritarian state, to what extent do you agree with this statement?
  1. “The use of force is the most significant factor for an authoritarian leader’s consolidation of power.” To what extent do you agree with this statement
  1. Analyse the successes and failures of the domestic policies of one authoritarian leader
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