Topic 2: The Fatimids - 909-1171

The Fatimids

Here you will be introduced to one of the most resplendent and culturally advanced period of Islamic history - The Fatimids. You will explore the rise of the Ismailis and the route to their formation of a state that represented their theological and philosophical outlook. You will also explore and examine their institution building enterprise, interactions with neighbouring powers, achievements and legacy with ATL activities and critical source analysis.

Note that this unit is still under construction

Specifically this unit focuses on:

  • Case studies two of: al-Mu'izz (953–975); al-Hakim (996–1021); al-Mustansir (1036–1094)
  • The foundation of the dynasty
  • The causes and impact of the conquest of Egypt and foundation of Cairo
  • Fatimid claims to the caliphate
  • Fatimid ideology
  • Economic developments within the Fatimid sphere of influence
  • Politics and society within the Fatimid Empire
  • Decline of the Fatimid Empire

For how the content on this higher level option overlaps with other curriculum related content, see Option 1: Africa and the Middle East.

1. Case Study 1: al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah

In this page, you will be introduced to the first of three case studies on a key Fatimid ruler. The focus will be on the achievements and significance of the ruler for the Fatimid legacy with primary...

2. Case Study 2: al-Hakim bi-amr Allah

Here is the second case study that you need for this topic.Guiding Questions:Below are some links to brief posts on al-Hakim to give you an overview of his life and his rule:

Fatimid Resources

In this page, you will find a variety of resources and references that present aspects of Fatimid legacy and impact from both print and media in order to help you gain an overview.

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