The IB Core

In addition to passing their subject examinations, all IB Diploma students have to fulfil three core requirements.

1. The Extended Essay: a research essay of up to 4000 words in a subject of a student's choice (usually one of the subjects that are taking)

2. Theory of Knowledge: a course which gets students to think about the 'nature' and the 'limitations' of knowledge focusing on the key question, 'How do we know?'

3. Creativity, action, service (CAS): students participate in a range of creative, physical, intellectual activities which allow them to develop skills outside of the classroom and academic work to become responsible members of their community.

CAS and History

CAS can support and enhance what goes on in the history classroom.See below for some suggestions of how students can gain CAS hours in the history department and at the same time develop their own historical...

Extended Essay

The Extended essay is a 2,000 - 4,000 word in-depth study on a subject and topic of the student’s choice. Students choose to do an Extended Essay in one area of their DP – this ideally should be in...

Theory of Knowledge

Below are some suggested activities to get students thinking about wider historical, TOK issues. These can be used in the history class or part of the TOK history programme. There are also some subject...

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History/TOK in the news 2 August 2018

Photo by Philip Strong on Unsplash

Theory of Knowledge 2 August 2018

Below are some suggested activities to get students thinking about wider historical, TOK issues. These can be used in the...

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